Debunking the Myth of Pinterest

by Lynley on March 21, 2014

I don’t want to brag or anything, but I have just over 3,000 pins on my Pinterest boards.

I jumped on the Pinterest bandwagon back in the early days, when you had to get an invite and had to own a website. Since then I have been a pinning fool. I have hair boards and food boards, fashion boards and homeschooling boards. Both of my kids’ have their own boards (and know how to access them) and I even have a few of those super special secret boards.

If I am waiting on the kids somewhere, I jump on Pinterest.

If I cannot sleep (as was the case for all of November 2013 for me), I pull up the Pinterest app to see what I have missed in the world of side swept bangs.

When I can’t quite remember how to make 7-Up biscuits, despite the fact that I made them two weeks prior, I run to Pinterest to find my recipe (By the way, best quick biscuit recipe ever. Please ignore the fact that these fluffy pieces of heaven contain both soda and a large amount of butter.)

The other day as I was flipping through Pins (waiting on some class to let out so I could retrieve my child), I casually glanced at the number of things I had pinned and almost fell out of my chair. As mentioned before, that number is above 3,000. Over the course of a few years, I have come across 3,000 helpful tips/links that I felt would improve the quality of my life someone.

Let it be known that I have maybe executed 200 of those (Which sounds impressive until you realize most of those are recipes, homeschool links for our Classical Conversations community and various ways to style a maxi skirt).

This proclivity towards saving potentially useful ideas is not a new one for me. In fact, I have a section in one of my kitchen cabinets filled with various magazine clippings of tips and ideas I never wanted to forget. Some of those date back to our early years of marriage. Just like most of my 3,000 pins, I rarely glance at those clippings or utilize them in anyway. But they are there should I need to remember that I once wanted to make book slings for the children’s rooms or whip up some baked treat that incorporates pumpkin.

The question that lingers is why?

Why I have I been lured into thinking that there are 3,o00+ glorious things out there just waiting for me to make/do/see/create?

This weekend I am talking to a group of moms about time—what robs us of our time, how to feel like we have more time (despite the fact we all have the same 24 hours) and how to feel comfortable with the time given to us. Our time is often stolen by the race for more. We want to be more, have more, and do more. This need is usually propelled by the idea that MORE keeps us from being left behind. We see glossy images–rather from the pages of magazines or Pinterest or even those annoyingly perfect families on your local soccer field who seem to have it all together (Don’t worry. They don’t.)—and we have a glimmer of hope that we have now found the holy grail of all ideas. We allow that glossy image to lie to us, thinking that if we obtain the perfect weekly menu plan or the exact right way to tie a scarf we will finally reach the state of peace we have been craving. Understanding the lie that more is not going to complete us provides freedom. It breaks the power over these mythical ideas that the perfect life is just around the corner.

Despite my alarm over my 3,000 pins and the reality check that such a realization created, I do not plan on deleting my Pinterest account anytime soon (At least until the Maxi skirt/dress fade has died. Seriously, who knew one skirt could be worn so many ways? And look adorable in the process?). I honestly like being about to share ideas with others and quickly find resources that I need on the Internet. However, as I pin these days I am reminding myself to not become consumed with the idea of that more is going to create better.

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Time Warp Trip to Target

by Lynley on March 19, 2014

Last night I “ran in” Target for napkins.

Because there were no children with me, I grabbed a Starbucks (because Starbucks is incredibly cheaper sans children. By the way, Starbucks is getting rid of the cake pop. This is crushing news to my off-spring.) and went to the napkin section.

Via the clothing section.

and the book section

and the furniture section.

Because no kids, remember?

I am a fan of Target clothing and have really appreciated their attempt to bring in various designers to create “collections”. Said collections usually end up on the clearance rack for $7.24 (why the bizarre prices, Target?) and find a place in my closet. As I browsed the racks last night, Starbucks in hand, I suddenly felt out of place. In lieu of the typical cute clothing, my local Target had apparently raided the NBC store closets.

I stumbled across this:


Um…Blossom called. She wants her dress back before she and Six sneak out of the house and get into some sort of shenanigan.

I giggled to myself when I saw this jumper, thought about how the whole hat with a big flower style was actually a little cute, took a sip of my coffee, and kept on with my slow walk towards the napkins.

I almost spit out my coffee when on this slow stroll to the napkins (still via the clothing department) I found these dresses staring at me from the racks.

14956285_201311291258 14928908_201312191503 14906159_201311151525

I do believe that Kelly Taylor wore every single one of those black dresses during Season 1 of 90210. Also, I am pretty sure I owned the one in the middle in 1993.

Apparently I had stepped through some sort of time warp continuum or entered a Tardis-type device (I teach some kids once a week who are consumed with Dr. Who…thus allowing me to speak Who-speak without actually having ever seen an episode.) and had found myself in the early 90s.

This was made apparent as I continued on to the napkin department (via the Shoe Department) and spied these:

14924282_201401161805Sam and Libby ballet flats with the bow.

I am pretty sure DJ Tanner wore these in every episode.


Please tell me the newest fashion trend is not leaning towards the styles of the early 1990s. If it is, this means a few things:


1. I am old.

2. I will start purchasing a closet full of babydoll dresses and leggings because I still am a tiny bit in love with that look.

3. I am old.

4. Doc Martens may come back in style. Let us all pause and swear we will not let this happen.

5. The Angela Chase look comes back and everyone begins pairing floral (see dresses above) with large flannel shirts. Even Brian Krakow would have a hard time falling for this look a second time around. (Long live, My-So-Called Life. Best show of the 90s)


I finally escaped the time warp that is now the women’s clothing department of Target (barely dodged a pair of Palazzo pants. I loved me some palazzo pants back in the day. Key phrase: ” back in the day“) and made my way to the napkins.

Apparently my Target has had a run on party napkins lately because the pickings were slim.

By “slim” I mean my choices were Avengers or clearance St. Patty’s Day napkins.

Obviously neither will work for the baby shower I am hosting on Sunday.


Back to the 1990s fashion debacle…who decided this was a good idea? I verified that the 90s style is indeed coming back by simply scoping out the latest looks on the Forever 21 website.

They have such things as bodysuits, crop tops (goodness help us…although it does mean that high waisted pants are re-emerging and we may no longer be subjected to muffin top sightings) and this:



That confirms it: The early 1990s are back.

Time to pull out the daisy print dresses and wait it out  until the trend is over.

Then we can all go get the Rachel cut again.




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