Baby Isaac Michael

Tobe and I started this blog right after Isaac was born. Seemed like a great idea late at night….We quickly figured out that newborn babies don’t leave you much time to do things like typing on the computer, eating supper, talking to your spouse, etc.. However, we have settled into life with a third member of our family quite nicely and are ready to resume this blog. Things have calmed down and feel normal now (SIDEBAR: All new mothers –and not so new moms—need to watch “Bringing Home Baby” on TLC. It makes you feel SOOOOOOOOOO much better about those first 36 hours at home with baby!). Isaac continues to amaze us everyday. I don’t know how many times we stare at him and say, “He is just the most perfect baby.” We are amazed by his little smiles and giggles–he lifts his fist to his mouth and we just KNOW that means he will one day get a PhD in some destinguished field (aka psychology) or he turns the pages on his farm book and we are sure that he can already read. Isaac does lift up his little bottom when changing his diaper if you say “Bottoms Up” and then will straighten out his legs when you put a new diaper on when we say “Legs Straight.” This might be a normal baby reflex, but we like to think he is just smart.

My new favorite thing about Isaac is going into his room once he wakes up in the morning. He just smiles all over himself, giddy that we have returned. I undo his Amazing Miracle Blanket (it is truly amazing) and pick him up. He keeps his little arms behind his head and his legs tucked up the entire time I pick him up. It is just too cute.

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