What? Fall weather in Texas???

Well, it is official. I just checked the weather and the current temperature at 7am is 39 degrees!!! Does that mean that fall has FINALLY arrived here in the heart of Texas? Are we done with 90 degree temperatures? Will my child not sweat to death on Halloween when we put him in his fleece giraffe costume?

I love fall. I think it is my favorite time of year. It means Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas are all approaching. I can pull out the boxes and boxes of decorations and set them around the house. I love how festive things look during this time.

Fall also means sweatshirt weather. I love sweatshirt weather! However, when such weather does approach this provides ample opportunity for my wonderful husband to lovingly tease me. The thing is that 99% of my sweatshirt collection comes from my college career. This was fine a few years ago, but now such sweatshirts are looking a bit dated (okay some really dated, because they have the year on them and it does not have 2000 anywhere in it). My favorite sweatshirt is from a club social that occurred before I was even in the social club. My college roomies and I found a leftover box of these sweatshirts in a friend’s attic and thought it would be cool to have them (we had a lot of spare time in college). Did I mention that this sweatshirt also has a Christmas theme and I wear it whenever it is cold, even if December 25th is not even close? In fact I have it on right now!

So, yeah for fall being here! Go outside today and enjoy such great weather. Soon I will post pictures of Isaac in his jack-o-lantern outfit and his fall overalls!

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3 thoughts on “What? Fall weather in Texas???”

  1. First of all, let me say that I am so glad to find yet another who loves the Laguna. I hope MTV follows them all up to LA next year! I loved reading about Isaac’s diaper moves. And I am so certain as well that he is already reading and will obtain at least one PhD in his lifetime. He is a cutie! I have never seen that Bringing Home Baby show, but am curious. When does it come on?

  2. Kelli– Bringing Home Baby comes on at 9am and at 1:30pm on TLC. My favorite episode was the couple (engaged not married) who had a really expensive SUV with TV’s in the headrest, brand new furniture in every room of their apartment, and then asked for the free carseat from the hospital to “save money”.
    Laguna Beach FYI–Talan has been dating Lindsey Lohan in real life.

  3. Does Baylor give out free carseat? If they do I am on my way to get my two free ones! By the way, I did not see Kristen on Rolling Stone, but I did know about Talan and Lindsay Lohan. Talan is my favorite scripted, spoiled, rich kid.

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