Dinner in a bag…

I have to report that I have discovered the most delicious frozen dinner in a bag. Those of you that know me know that I love to cook (except during that whole unfortunate nine months of morning sickness time). I have been known to accuse either the neighbors or our friendly postman of stealing my latest edition of Southern Living magazine when it does not arrive exactly when I think it should (which I know is impossible considering we have a postal center in our neighborhood, not mailboxes, and I am sure that our lovely neighbors have more important things to do than pick the lock on our mailslot and steal my magazine). I check-out cookbooks from the library and read them. I can name every chef on Food Network–I love to cook. Anyway, a few weeks ago I had coupon for Berontolli Frozen Pasta Dinner in a bag. This happened to coincide with triple coupon weekend at Albertsons and they happened to already have this item on sale, so the frozen dinner in a bag was almost free. I bought it and threw it in the freezer for one of those hectic days when cooking would not be an option. Such day came after I had consumed a large amount of ice tea, not realizing that it would make my son cranky and wired on caffeine. So out came the frozen dinner for supper that night and it was WONDERFUL!!! Normally dinner in a bag/box taste gross to me and I wonder what they have had to do to the meat to allow it to be edible 7 years after production. But the Berontolli Pasta (Chicken Alfredo) is like your own personal Olive Garden right in your kitchen. Go out and buy some today (Be warned: there is a coupon inside the bag. If you are not paying attention you will end of letting it cook with your pasta until you notice it and frantically try to scrape it off your pan. Not that anything like that happened to me. I am just saying….)

The Isaac update for today is that we think he is getting ready to roll over. Tobe was rolling Isaac onto his side/almost stomach last night, and then Isaac would flip himself onto his back again. The first time he did this, Tobe and I cheered so loudly that we scared him. After doing that “half roll” several times, Tobe then rolled Isaac completely onto his stomach. Isaac kept trying and trying to roll over onto his back. He would work that little hip and try to swing his leg backwards. He never rolled over completely, but we are sure it is just days away. Oh I hear the little darling now calling me over the monitor…..

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  1. I have been eyeing those frozen dinners. I’m glad you tried it and it’s good. Scott Loves Chicken Alfredo!

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