Another restful night

Yeah! Isaac slept through the night last night. This is the third time in the last two weeks. Although he slept peacefully during the night without waking, I still get up two or three times to make sure he is breathing and his Amazing Miracle Blanket is still snug around him. Sleeping through the night also means that I missed the 3:30am episode of The Cosby Show (to which I have become addicted to since Isaac’s arrival). I genuinely felt a twinge of disappointment when I woke up this morning, realizing that there was no nighttime feeding and that I had missed the Cosby Show. Right now Nick at Night is showing the final season and we are very close to the last episode where Theo graduates from NYU, everyone is living in the house again, the doorbell is still broken, and general hilarity ensues. But I guess I can miss that for a baby who sleeps from 8pm until 7:30am.

Today I thought I would make a list of Isaac’s favorite things at almost 3 months old:

Favorite Blanket: His blue Miracle Blanket, without the feet tucked in (his green one shrunk in the wash and is now for emergencies only)
Favorite Toys: Farm book, Leo the Lion, and Leap Frog Activity Seat (this is a new favorite as he used to HATE it when we would put him in it. Now he bats at the activity bar and listens to “The Lion roars hello.” over and over). Oh, and he also really likes Tad (also Leap Frog), but only the nighttime light show
Favorite CD: Infant Calm by Prerecords, specifically track 4 which is the vacuum Cleaner Waltz and sometimes track 2 which is the Hair Dryer Hum. If you have an infant or about to have one—you need this CD. Once we turn it on, any fussing or crying immediately stops.
Favorite Song: Five Little Pumpkins
Favorite Juice: Gerber’s Apple Prune (we were having to take juice last week for intestinal issues. After offering several flavors, this is the only one he would take!)
Favorite time of day: A tie between getting up in the morning and bathtime at night
Favorite people: Momma and Daddy
Favorite TV program: Laguna Beach and The Cosby Show (ok, so these are my favorites right now)
Things on his Christmas list: Fisher Price See and View blocks, exersauser, and Peanut Shell

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3 thoughts on “Another restful night”

  1. What is a miracle blanket? I’ve never heard of such! I’m impressed that you actually got up at 3:30 and went to the Living Room. I remember several nights while feeding Matthew I would fall asleep then would wake up to see formula running down his cheeks and pooling on the freshly washed sheets.

  2. He is getting so big! I haven’t heard of this Miracle Blanket either…does Baby Girl need one? I love Isaac’s Christmas list!

  3. Paige–Baby Girl NEEDS a miracle blanket. It is a swaddling blanket that has no velcro or snaps and is easy to use. We had the kiddopatamus blanket and Isaac quickly grew out of it and he could also get out of it during the night. He wasn’t napping well during the day because his arms would wake him up when he wasn’t swaddled. At about 5 weeks old I got a miracle blanket to swaddle him in. It works wonders. When he is tired and fussy, we can just wrap him in the blanket and he calms down and gets sleepy right away. Also you can either put their legs in the blanket or leave them out. It is the most wonderful thing in the world because we were not smart enough here at the Phillips’ household to swaddle like the hospital does. You can buy these wonderful blankets at The Nesting Place which is in the same shopping center as La Casa Mexican Restaurant and Bealls on Northwest Hwy in Grapevine. The lady who owns the store will show you how to use it and everything. She also told me to bring Isaac to the store and she would demonstrate how to wrap him in it! It is the most wonderful thing ever!

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