Household Notebook Preview

A few weeks ago, I announced a project alert to let all of you know some serious crafting would be occurring over here at casa de phillips.

Serious crafting might be a stretch, but I have (almost) completed my household notebook.
Let’s take a tour, shall we?
Opening Cover.

I purchased one pad of coordinating scrapbook paper at our local craft store. I knew if I didn’t make my household notebook semi-cute, that I would not be interested in using it. I bought paper that coordinated with my kitchen (colors of red, yellow, and sage) so the notebook would not look too obvious in its resting place on the kitchen counter. Although it might appear that I got “scrapbook-y” while making this notebook, please note I made all dividers and the cover one night while watching Food Network.
Pocket of Useful Tools:

This pocket contains two Sharpie fine point pens, scissors, hole-punch, and a calculator. It could really use a roll of Scotch tape…but I am currently running low.

Divider One: To-Do Lists and Calenders

This is where I keep my daily to-do lists, my running list of things I need to do eventually, and my monthly calenders.

Divider Two: Menu Planning and Grocery

This section is where I keep my menu plan for each week. If you aren’t doing menu planning, you need to start. It is a great time-saver (no more moments of panic at 5pm when you wonder what you will possibly serve to your family and hope they don’t notice you are eating PB&J again) and money-saver (no last minute trips to the grocery store in search of needed items…only to return home with such items plus ten more). I menu plan for two weeks at a time and do our major grocery shopping every two weeks as well. I do have to get milk and sometimes fruit/bread every week simply because we don’t have the freezer space to buy such items in bulk.

I also keep a running list of past meals that were big hits in this section as well as a list of recipes I want to try out. Nothing fancy here…just a list I can add to when needed.

Below is a photo of my price book, every thrifty shoppers friend. I keep a running record of what I pay for certain items (milk, cheese, meat, diapers, etc.) so I make sure I am not forking over too much money for our neccessities.

Divider Three: Emergency Information and Family Info

This is an important aspect of my Household Notebook. It has emergency information for all members of our family should an outsider need these details quickly. It has doctor’s phone numbers, emergency contacts, medical releases for each child in case someone else needs to give consent for their care, etc. Such forms can be found on the Internet…simple Google it!

Divider Four: Kids

In this section I have all information related to Isaac and Evelyn. This includes schedules for each, rules for each, basics of what they like/don’t like, and suggested activities in our area for them to participate in. At the back of this section I also keep ideas that I have stumbled across that I would like to try out with the kids (crafts, activities, educational things).

Divider Five: Cleaning

I wish this divider did not have to exist, but I never want my home to be submitted for Clean House. Therefore, I clean on a schedule each week. This divider has a check-list that I can use each week of chores that need to get done…some are daily, some weekly, and some monthly or seasonally. For example, each day I make beds, sweep, clean counters (multiple times), put away stray items, and pick-up toys (before nap and before bedtime….kids help with this one). Each week, I do a good basic cleaning of all the standards: mopping (actually do this about three times a week because I live with toddlers), vacuuming, dusting, cleaning bathrooms, washing linens (Tobe does all our other laundry), etc. Each month I attempt to clean baseboards, dust fans, and find those odds and ends that need to be cleaned but seem to get skipped.

Ah, cleaning…the task that never ends.
Divider Six: Contact Information

(This picture is missing and I only have about ten minutes of blogging time left…hopefully I will get it on here soon. Until then, use your imagination)

This is where I keep a list of close friends phone numbers and addresses so I have quick access to them. We keep an extensive address book on our computer as well, but I wanted a place to keep those that I use on a regular basis. I also have a section for business numbers that we use frequently (Pharmacy, pizza, library, etc).
Divider Seven: School

Isaac’s preschool sends out a newsletter each month along with various handouts. This section serves as a base for such paperwork. Because I will immediately know where to find his newsletter, I will never miss out on knowing the letter of the week or what item he needs to take for show-and-tell.

Divider Eight: MOPS

My MOPS group has excellent newsletters filled with important, useful information. Rather than letting the papers pile up in my purse, I now have a great place to keep them organized. If you haven’t joined a local MOPS group yet, I strongly encourage it.
Divider Nine: Library

We are frequent patrons of our local library. I like to keep our receipt handy to know exactly what we checked out each visit and when it is due. Also, I like a place where I can jot a note down to myself about a book I am interested in scooping up on our next visit.
Divider Ten: Christmas

This is the place where I keep a running list of Christmas presents purchased and a list of those still left to be purchased. We attempt to Christmas shop through the year to soften the financial blow (we haven’t been great about this since having Evelyn…probably because shopping is quite a bit harder with two kids in tow). I also keep a note of where purchased presents have been stored to prevent losing one before the holiday season arrives.

Divider Eleven: Blog

Sometimes blog post ideas strike me during odd times of the day…usually when sitting down at the computer is not convenient. This section is where I can keep a running list of potential posts or jot down a funny statement uttered by one of my children when I don’t have a moment to blog.

So there it is…my household notebook. Nothing fancy, but very practical. I do keep each sheet in a plastic protective cover to keep the papers from becoming stained or torn (remember, I keep this book in the kitchen which is similar to a war zone somedays).

Have you made a household notebook? If so, leave a comment with a link so others can see your work.

Interested in making one of your own? Here are a few links to help you out.

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9 thoughts on “Household Notebook Preview”

  1. Just now catching up on a few of your posts.

    Loved the journal entry from your time in Africa. Powerful! I really hope to go there myself someday.

    Teething is not fun. Lots of whining and tantrums over here as well as the final molar and inscisor come in. Good times.

    Wow is all I can say about that notebook. Very impressive!

  2. Nice job! I like what you’ve done – very thought-out sections.

    Thanks for the link, too! 🙂

  3. Girl, I am impressed. Still not driven myself to do one but maybe one day. Maybe.

    I AM though getting together a really neat cooking/recipe thing and I’ll share when I’m finished. For some reason I’ve been excited to do that. Who knows?

  4. I have no words. Except maybe, “make me one too!” I love your love of organizing. And cleaning. I would have loved to have been your roommate in college other than when we were our dirtiest in Africa!

  5. I am so inspired to update/cute-i-fy my Household Notebook. I created mine soon after Clara was born and it is U-G-L-Y. Bare bones, to say the least. But it has been helpful at times and your categories demonstrate that it can be much more so if I take a look at what I really need it for. Thanks so much for the motivation!! I got my first glimpse of a Household Notebook at But I like Simplemom better. 🙂

  6. I am completely impressed by your notebook! It’s simple, well organized (ha) and seems truly to be something you will USE. Good job. You are really one clever lady.

  7. I’ve been really wanting to do one of these, and now you have REALLY inspired me to get started (not that I have time, but I’ll MAKE time). I found your site from Rocks in My Dryer WFMW. I love your blog design!

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