Family-themed costumes for Halloween

Halloween has become big business over the past few years. Traditionally, a few jack-o-lanterns were set out, a bowl of candy was prepared for visitors, and children donned costumes rummaged from goods found around the house. These days Americans are spending almost 5 billion dollars on this October holiday. Inflatable pumpkins decorate lawns, costumes are ordered months in advance and candy bowls have evolved from Mom’s old Tupperware into something a bit more sinister.

Halloween is starting to become more of a family-oriented holiday as opposed to being solely for children. Moms and Dads are getting into the act, putting on costumes before heading out to local festivals or setting off to trick-or-treat in the neighborhood with their children. Many families find it fun to dress in a group theme. Below are some great examples of themes families can use this Halloween.

  • Headed to a fire. Fire fighter is a popular costume choice for boys. Turn this choice into a creative family-theme by having one child be a fire fighter and one child a dalmatian. Mom can be a flame while Dad serves as the fire hydrant. A stroller can even be disguised to be the fire engine.



  • What’s all the “buzzz” about. Parents often times feel like bee keepers, attempting to keep busy little bodies corralled all day. Why not transform such a thought into a Halloween costume? Mom and Dad can be the bee keeper while little ones can be the honey bees.


  •  Off to Neverland. Fairy tales make for a great theme for families wishing to sport similar Halloween costumes. Go with something fun such as Peter Pan, where the males in the family can be Peter Pan or Captain Hook while the females can be Tinker-bell or Wendy. Another way to use fairy tales as a Halloween theme is to incorporate a royal attitude, having adults serve as King and Queen while children are knights and princesses.


  • Sports. Have a favorite sports team? Why not show some team spirit by turning a love for a sports team into a Halloween costume. Ideas range from dressing as football players, cheerleaders, or super-excited fans.


  • Howdy Partner. Set the focus on the ol West and have the family put on their best Western gear. Dad could play the Sheriff while the young boys in the family are the rowdy outlaws. Living in Texas, western supplies are easily available which makes this theme simple to create.


Does your family dress up for Halloween? Leave a comment and share how your family chooses to step out and celebrate Halloween together.

As we have done the past two years, the phillips family will be stepping out this Halloween in a family-themed costume. Be sure to check out the pictures after next weekend!

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