About two months ago, Halloween talk began at casa de phillips. The mailbox started to bear forth various costume magazines, stores started to pull out the orange and black and Halloween became THE focus of two little kids in my house.

I figured that we could squeeze at least one more year of themed costumes out of the kids, especially if a bit of motherly influence was exerted. However, no motherly influence was needed once a costume magazine arrived bearing a child wearing this costume on its cover.

Thus our Super Mario theme was born.

It was immediately decided that Isaac would be Mario and Evelyn would be Princess Peach. Tobe contemplated being a mushroom while I considered being Princess Daisy.

Once initial plans were made, the costume hunt was on.

I contemplated purchasing Isaac the store-made Mario costume that was in every store and magazine. Then I looked at the quality (not great) and the price (steep!) and began thinking of other options. I happened to find someone selling a child’s Mario and adult Luigi costume on eBay. After a stressful week of biding, I finally “won” the costumes.

I did similar searches for a homemade Princess Peach costume, but the $100+ price tags immediately sent me to the local Halloween store to purchase one there.

It was decided that Isaac would (still) be Mario, Tobe would be Luigi (such a good sport!) and Miss E. would be (store-bought) Princess Peach.

I was the only one costume-less.

Princess Daisy was immediately ruled out because a costume for her did not exist, nor do my sewing skills. It was then that Isaac reminded me I could be Toadette.

After a quick survey of my closet, I determined that I could be Toadette and fashion a costume out of clothes I owned and a few craft supplies. I am not really sure anyone other than the avid Super Mario fan actually knew who I was (one trick-or-treater was convinced I was Casper the Friendly Ghost), but it meant a ton to my own kids.

Fortunately all the costume trouble was worth the effort because we had many places in which we could wear them.

First, the children had a Halloween party at school.

I left Toadette at home for that event and was a friendly witch instead. I spearheaded the “Fish with a Witch” game (and invented said game as well). My favorite part of my friendly witch costume?

The shoes.

And  some of the participants at my fishing game were pretty cute too…

A few evenings before Halloween we took part in our city’s Halloween event in which children trick or treat local businesses. This is a fun and hectic event. The husband and I have participated in this event for the past eight years and it is always fun to watch the children experience it.

Halloween night we trick-or-treated in our new neighborhood. I had heard from several neighbors that Halloween was a big deal in our neighborhood. Tons of houses decorate for the occasion and everyone started filling the streets around 7pm. Our old neighborhood was never big on trick-or-treating, so it was such a fun experience to have families and kids everywhere on Halloween night. Because we did not want to miss out on any trick-or-treaters, the husband and I traded off…one of us sat out on the driveway, passing out candy, while the other took the kids around the neighborhood.

We only hit about 1/3 of the neighborhood (it is too big for the kids to walk the entire thing). However, the kids got a TON of candy. In fact, we had to empty out their bags at one point because they had run out of room.

Halloween 2010 was a success…here’s hoping I can get one more family theme out of our crew of four next year!

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