Arctic Blast 2011 and Aprons

Yesterday, Arctic Blast 2011 was set to blow through our area.

Can I tell you that there is little more in this world that I love other than an overly-hyped weather pattern? Especially when I live in a place whose weather only vacillates between mild and extremely hot with a few thunderstorms tossed in for fun.

Alas, I heart the weather hype. I love to jump on the frenzied bandwagon and watch newscasters say basically the same thing (“There is a potential for snow”) for five hours straight. I love when “Ice Force 1” is deployed (Yes, our metro area has a sand/salt truck that is named) and when the ins and outs of “Meltdown 20” is discussed.

It’s just good TV, people.

As I was saying, snow was set to fall in our area yesterday. Because we drive a bit of a ways to get to church, we decided not to risk being out in icy weather and chose to stay home instead. The children never made it out of their pajamas and Miss E. questioned if I was sick because I happened to actually be sitting on the couch watching television (Gasp!),a sight they normally never see.  It was a very good, very lazy day here at casa de phillips.

Besides inspiring me to join the weather hype, snow days also inspire me to cook. Perhaps I want to be sure my little family of four is well-nourished if “Arctic Blast 2011” lasts for more than four hours or perhaps the frigid temperatures outside make me want to heat things up inside. Whatever the reason, snow days equal cooking in my mind.

Because it is the beginning of a new year and I am in need of losing a few holiday pounds, I resisted the urge to make every dessert in my repotrie and instead made a simple pot of hot chocolate and a container of Pioneer Woman’s salsa. No particularly glamorous cooking took place yesterday during our inclement weather (in which we got .2 of an inch of snow), but fun was had by all. I got to toss on an apron, the children got to drink large amounts of chocolate and marshmallows and the husband had plenty of chips and salsa to keep him nourished during all the football watching.

Speaking of aprons, have I mentioned what a fan I am of this kitchen staple? In the past, I have messed up many a nice shirt or outfit with grease splatters or cooking food stains. I used to constantly be in need of a towel to wipe my hands on during a critical moment of cooking and was left attempting to tug off a paper towel while navigating a saute pan.

Not anymore, dear reader.

Enter: The Apron.

Channeling my inner 50’s housewife, I typically wear an apron every time I cook. Sometimes I forget to take the darned thing off until the children are tucked into bed. Not only are aprons cute (wait…I am going to share some links of super cute aprons) they are incredibly functional. Mine all have pockets, which are great for holding such things as a telephone, pencil or annoying toy that was confiscated from a child.They are also the perfect tool for wiping hands, snotty noses or tear-stained cheeks. I used to wear an apron during my teaching days, so why not during my stay-at-home mom days?

Remember how I mentioned that aprons are cute and not reminiscent of those tattered rags one was forced to wear in Home Ec. years ago?

Check these out:

This cute red, black and white number is beyond darling. Who would not want to cook wearing this?

The other day, Miss E. put on an old baby bib, pulled a chair up to the kitchen island and informed me she had on her apron and was all set to help me cook. Too cute. That little girl and I might need to check into getting some matching mom and daughter aprons soon….

I don’t think I could love this apron anymore if I tried.

And when else can an adult woman wear polka dots well unless she is wearing an apron?

One can never go wrong with the classic chef’s apron.

This winter, as you behold the wonder that is “Snow Catastrophe 2011”, be sure to tie on an apron, step into the kitchen and whip up something tasty.

At least you will look cute for the winter apocalypse…

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