Easy Egg Painting

In the 5.68 years I have been a mommy I have been able to avoid the task of dying easter eggs.

I know I pride myself on being a crafty mama, but I am not a fan of  the dyeing of easter eggs. The process is smelly, messy, slightly boring and has an end result that no one is too thrilled with five minutes after the activity is completed.

I have been able to avoid this holiday activity mainly because my children did not fully realize that dyeing easter eggs was even an opetion. Recnetly one of them somehow heard about the fun that is dipping-hard-boiled-eggs-into colored-vinegar-waterand the two have already started talking about the great creations they just know they can make when they dye easter eggs this year.

As I sit around attempting to think of ways I can bribe them to give up this notion of turning a harmless breakfast food into some unnatural color, allow me to share with you an easy, vinegar-free way to paint Easter eggs this year.

The ingredients for this project are simple household items that are likely lurking in one’s pantry: Food Coloring and Evaporated Milk.

Simply mix the evaporated milk with a drop or two of food coloring and kids have a non-toxic paint they can use to craft a beautiful Easter egg. The great thing about this paint is that it dries shiny, giving one’s art a nice glow. I like to use an ice cube tray to hold the paint.

For our Easter eggs, I opted to leave the actual egg in the fridge and resorted to cutting out large eggs from cardboard.

I then had the children glue white paper onto their egg and trim off the excess.

Viola! Instant non-breakable, sweet-smelling egg to paint.

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