Summer Heat Buster: Go Camping!

In the current location of casa de phillips we are on our 27th consecuative day of 100+ degree temperatures.

There was a slighty possibility that on Tuesday of this week we might not hit the predicted 105 degrees due to cloud cover. People across our metro area were cheering the heat on, hoping that the record would not be broken by one day of 99 degrees (Why? you may ask….well if you have endured 24 days of hot weather one might as well keep going and attempt to break a record). Fortunately the clouds broke by late afternoon and we quickly soared above 100 degrees once again. By Saturday it will officially become the second hottest summer on record.


Attempting to burn off entertain energetic children in this heat requires the use of all my creative energies some days. I do not want the kids growing up thinking the only way to survive summers in our area is either by shopping or swimming.

I also do not want to be outside when it is 104 degrees and a level orange ozone alert.

The solution to our problem on Monday was to go camping.

In our front living room (*)

(One of the best decisions we have made with this house was to leave the front room relatively bare.  Technically, it is supposed to be a formal living room. Currently, it holds a piano and a reading spot. Other than that is an open space that the kids can transform into anything. )

To go camping at home, first instruct your campers to pack while the tent is being constructed. I reminded my campers that one can only bring so many things into the great outdoors (thus limiting the amount of excessive toys we had to put away at camps end).

Once camp is established, time to unpack and get cozy.

As night began to fall (created by me slowly choosing certain blinds to close in the room), we made a campfire.

Our grumbling stomachs told us it was time to eat something, so we roasted marshmallows.

The boy and I both love really roasted marshmallows, which I achieved over our gas burners.

We settled into the tent with our provisions and read several library books about camping.

Soon it was night time and everyone snuggled down in their sleeping bags. I had made these cute firefly jars earlier in the morning to serve as nightlights (TIP: I used washable paint so the jars could be repurposed)

Morning in the great outdoors came quickly, allowing everyone to play in the tent.

Happy Camping!

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