Say “Good-bye” to the Dino Chicken Nuggets…at least for a few days

You might not have noticed, but Savethephillipsfamily went on a bit of a hiatus last week.

The husband and I were ever so lucky to send the children off to Camp Nanny/PopPop for four days, before joining them our own selves on the fifth day. The grandparents had been in town for the big birthday bash (post about that coming…eventually) and took me up on my offer to “allow” my children to come visit by themselves.

While the kids were gone, I used the time to get the school room in working order.

I also used the time to eat out every night with the husband, see two movies, rent a movie and visit the mall.

Need I mention that I am still working on the school room?

For us, school begins next Wednesday (*Fingers Crossed*) which means I officially have  a week to get the chaos reigned in.  Alas, things are coming together and one might possibly be able to see the floor of this room again by the weekend and some quailty learning should be able to occur by mid-week next week.

Back to my kid-free time of last week: It was glorious. There were no baths to give, no meals to prepare and no little bodies to load in and out of the car on 110 degree days. Being a mom is the best job in the world. However, even the best jobs require a bit of downtime on occasion.

I recently came across this article discussing the need for moms to get away by themselves (note the “by themselves” part…this is not the time for a girls weekend) for a yearly retreat. I love this idea of moms taking time to relax, refocus and rejuvenate….and get ready to dive back into the world of dino shaped chicken nuggets and nap schedules with a fresh attitude.

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