The gang is (almost) all here…

Our local library is quite wonderful and is a weekly destination for the crew of savethephillipsfamily.  As previously mentioned, we often leave with no less than 40 or 50 books. We exit the doors of said library with giddy smiles and anxious hands, ready to get hold of our new weekly treasures.

Although our library has an excellent selection of books, it was not until recently that their video collection became pretty stellar as well.

In the past it had a video section….filled with VHS tapes.

Slowly a few DVDs began to appear.

Then a few others trickled in.

Finally, the video section in the children’s wing caught up with the rest of the world and stocked their shelves with actual DVD’s. The VHS tapes are still there (which my child often covet, lamenting the fact that they are not lucky enough to have a VCR in their house. Repeat after me, children: “First World Problem”), but now the DVDs are a plenty. The selection of DVDs is quite nice, ranging from popular children’s cartoons to things that are considered to be more of a classic.

This past summer as we were attempting to make a DVD selection, I happened to discover a Scooby Doo DVD from the first season of the series. I loved this cartoon as a child and wanted my children to experience it as well. I knew that the show currently ran on television, but also knew that the new version was not for us.

That afternoon, I plopped the DVD into the player and settled the children in for some quality cartoon antics.

They did not get it at all.

In fact, it was an epic fail.

Then somehow over the next few months, they started to show some interest in Scooby Doo. The husband recorded some original episodes for them off the television. They watched Scooby and the gang and laughed. They acted surprised when the mask was pulled off the villian and it turned out the culprit had been the janitor the entire time. Hilarity ensued when Shaggy and Scooby went in search of food and stumbled upon a mystery.

The great thing about the original series is the guest stars. Scooby Doo has hosted many favorite characters such as Tim Conway, Don Knotts, Phyllis Diller and the Harlem Globetrotters.

The other day I was walking through the living room as the children sat watching an episode of Scooby Doo.

I stopped in my tracks and asked, “Is that Mama Cass???”

Isaac looked at me very mater of fact and said, “Yes. How do you know Mama Cass?”

Um, six year old born in 2005, how do YOU know Mama Cass?

When it came time to choose Halloween costumes for this year, it was pretty obvious as to what our group theme would be.

Meet: The Gang


The only thing we were lacking was a great dane and a groovy green van.

As I shopped for costumes for our gang, I decided to make them rather than purchase ones from the store.  The main reason for this was because Miss E really wanted to be Daphne.  The costume options for a four year old Daphne are limited and a bit age-inappropriate, not to mention costly.

For our Daphne’s costume, I simply found a purple turtleneck and purple skirt at Wal-Mart that were $4 each. I adhered some contrasting purple ribbon to the hem of each. I located some purple tights and legwarmers in the Halloween section at Target and made a purple headband out of ribbon. The scarf was from Hobby Lobby and cost a mere 88 cents.

Fred’s costume was even easier. Isaac already owned a royal blue polo shirt, jeans and brown shoes. I simply purchased a long sleeved white t-shirt to serve as Fred’s sweater. Fred sports an orange ascot, which neither the husband and I were too wild about our six year old wearing since it looks like a scarf. We opted to make a tie for our Fred, which I fashioned out of a bright orange scarf (again purchased at HobLob for 88 cents) and a loop of elastic.

My Velma costume came alive out of the recesses of my closet. Everything I had on I wear in real-life (just never, ever together lest someone thinks I am dressed as Velma on a random date such as January 23rd). I did have a wig to wear, but my hair was too thick to get it to stay on. I rolled my hair with hot rollars to turn it under and then pinned the longer layers underneath with a bobby pin to make a short Velma bob. The glasses are original, which can be seen on my face on any given day past 7pm (My husband is a lucky guy, huh???).

Shaggy rushed home from work just in time to eat dinner, clean up the kitchen from our Halloween party with friends and toss on a green shirt and tan pants. He won bonus points with all the kids when he offered to take Isaac and two pals on one more street to get even more candy, while my friend and I took the tired kiddos back to the house.

Halloween 2011 was good. We have enough candy to sell it out of the back of the family station wagon and make a nice chunk of change.

 Last night, we had two tired crime solvers hyped up on sugar and adreneline, claiming they would never be tired again.


We dumped them into their  beds, forgoing bath and showers for the night, and promised them they would indeed figure out a way to fall asleep.

Which they promptly did, with visions of candy, groovy characters and masked villians floating in their heads.

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