Visit with the big man

The entryway table at casa de phillips is covered in photos with Santa during the month of December. I love pulling out these pictures every year, seeing how the children have grown and changed. There is one year that especially makes me giggle because it is a picture of a very weary Santa holding a crying 6 month old and a weepy looking two year old.

Obviously no one had much Christmas cheer that year at that particular moment.

Yesterday the children and I had to be out and about in the city for various reasons. I figured crossing “Have picture made with Santa” off my December to-do list would be a great thing to get accomplished in all of our business.

Typically we visit a particular Santa at a particular mall. However, we opted to visit a more “popular” Santa due to the fact that he just happened to be located in the epicenter of all of our errands.

This “popular” Santa requires crazy mothers to grab tickets hours before their precious offspring will ever sit in Santa’s lap, ensuring a place in line. When one’s appointed time nears, children are herded together, hair is combed and everyone takes their place in roped off areas.

And waits.

Fortunately our wait only lasted about 15 minutes. I am the first to tell you that having children wait for things is a good character builder. However, this mama was a bit ready to call it a day by the time our allotted waiting time neared. I managed to keep it together and we finally approached the big man in red.

The children climbed into his lap, smiled for some pictures and chatted a bit about Christmas lists. Santa bid them farewell and then reached into a deep basket to give them a little gift from Santa.

Readers, I kid you not when Santa bequeathed a glossy 4×6 photo of HIMSELF to my children.

Does anyone else find this peculiar? Why do children need a professional photo of the mall Santa laughing? Should we display it? Should we set it in our nativity scene?

As we were leaving, Isaac inquired about the photo and asked, “What am I supposed to do with this?’

Good question, son.

As for our actual picture with Santa that includes my two children….well, we didn’t get it.

We did not even see it.

I discovered that after waiting in line to visit Santa, one must then wait in line to see the pictures. This line was much longer than the Santa line and this mama had dealt enough with waiting. Besides heavy traffic time was rapidly approaching and I wanted to get home before I had to navigate the family station wagon through the hot mess that is rush hour.

Our table will have a picture with Santa on it from this year. It will simply be one snapped by my own camera.


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