Lost under a pile of Christmas cheer

I am here….

…lost somewhere underneath the wrapping paper and Christmas cards and Christmas cheer.

The blog absence was unintentional. I have so many things to say (who is not anxious to hear about the attack of the stomach virus en route to our first of four Christmas celebrations? Or how my children became obsessed with drawing baby Jesus today and now we have his likeness spread around the house? Or about the best Christmas present EVER I have planned for my husband?) but have not had the time to put said thoughts into words.

Unfortunately, the blog absence will have to last a few more days. I hope to be back on Monday with some thoughts on Christmas and an easy activity to entertain kids during the break.

Until then, enjoy these pictures of my children by a Christmas tree.



(and count your blessings that I am simply sharing pictures of the children by a tree and not of George Washington’s teeth….something we were able to see along with this penguin-themed tree on a recent visit to the museum)

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