Christmas Overachievers Anonymous

I am  a card-carrying member of Christmas Overachievers Annoymous.

I guess it is not so annoynomous now that I have revealed my affliation with the society, huh?

And that card? It actually does not exisit. But if it did, mine would be laminated because I got a laminator for an early Christmas present.

(If my 8 year old self knew that one day a laminator for Christmas would be terribly exciting, I think a piece of my soul might have died right then.)

Anyway…back to Christmas Overacheivers Annoynomous.

At the end of November I was FIRED UP about December. We were going to finish school projects, we were going to do some amazing Advent activities, we were going to make a helping tree, we were going to deliver baked goods to our neighbors, we were going to visit family, we were going to be festive and merry and bright yet still have time for contemplative, quiet reflection by the fire.

Apparently in November I thought December had at least 45 days leading up to Christmas, all of which consisted of 38 hours each.

Newsflash: It doesn’t.

Instead, here I sit in the early pre-dawn hours of December 22nd. I still have one more stack of Christmas cards to address. No festive cookies have been baked. And I have yet to catch a Lifetime Christmas movie on television.

What is it about December that sends us into overdrive and makes us want to accomplish it all? I know I am not the sole member of the Christmas Overacheivers Annoynomous because I have a Pinterest account and I see all of you fellow mamas pinning Christmas ideas like crazy.

Tuesday the children and I had to run many pre-Christmas errands. No one was too thrilled about the idea, including the crazed red-haired mother driving the family station wagon. As we were all fussing and complaining about various things, I pulled the car over at the entrance of our neighborhood. The kids were incredibly confused as to why we had stopped, moaning about just wanting to be done with the errands and that they were thirsty/hungry/bored/tired/etc (despite the fact that we were only47 seconds from our warm home from which we had just departed).

I turned around to them and told them (and I quote) “We are going to be merry if it kills us.”

We then proceeded to have a lenghty conversation about how we want the state of our hearts to be, all the time and especially during the holiday season. No one has much fun if everyone is whining, overscheduled, stressed-out about having fun.

Mary rode all the way to Bethlehem on donkey nine months pregnant being lead by a nineteen year old boy. Surely I could tolerate driving my heated car with cupholders in a five mile radius with two kiddos that I adore.

I am giving up my membership to Christmas Overacheivers Annoynomous. I am not letting it bother me that we never finished all of our Advent activities or that we have yet to watch our favorite holiday movie.

Instead, I am focusing on being merry and bright.

Even if it kills me.


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One thought on “Christmas Overachievers Anonymous”

  1. “We are going to be merry if it kills us”…wow, you so just channeled Janyth Baker on that one! LOL

    I’m waaaaay behind this year. I did get Christmas cards out, but here I am on the 22nd and I only have about half my shopping done. Awesome.

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