Surviving Summer: Water Balloons

The first time the water balloon burst in my face, soaking my shirt and my recently cleaned bathroom mirror I attempted to laugh it off.

The third time I held back curses against the maker of water balloons.

The fourth time I contemplated laying on the bathroom floor and crying.

The fifth time I threw the entire package of 250 water balloons into the trash, cursed their maker and questioned how anyone with normal sized fingers was ever supposed to tie those slippery little things.

Obviously it is summer at casa de phillips and Pinterest is inspiring me to be all crafty and fun with my kiddos. I love me some Pinterest, but I do have to give myself a little bit of credit and acknowledge that I was crafty in the pre-Pinterest days as well. However, now I can merely find hundreds of ideas of ways to entertain, teach and play with my kids in mere seconds.

Today’s inspiration involved water balloons.

These particular water balloons were purchased in what I believe to be a moment of insanity last summer. They called to me from the section of the Target Dollar Spot, promising hours of water fun for my kids. These little pretties sat unopened in a play bucket in our garage for a year. Apparently that moment of insanity cured itself last summer and I never felt the urgent to actually open the purchased balloons and put them to good use.

Until today.

Summer has a new bit of pressure for moms. I believe that the pressure used to be “How am I going to entertain my children during the summer break without listening to cartoons 24/7, breaking up arguments and wondering who has been putting popsicles in the cat food bowl?” Now summer has morphed into “How am I going to creatively and energetically entertain my children in such a magical way during summer break without listening to cartoons 24/7, breaking up arguments and wondering who has been putting popsciles in the cat food bowl?”

Make no mistake, I love every summer entertainment tip out there. However, it can put a bit of pressure (IF we allow it…such the key phrase here, Mamas) on the mom as she attempts to make summer AMAZING! MAGICAL! MOMENTOUS!. Suddenly mom finds herself standing in the master bathroom of her home, hair dripping, water staining the mirror, surrounded by 15 ripped and broken water balloons.

As I stuffed the package of water balloons into the garbage, my two kids ran into the bathroom ready for this fun and amazing game I had promised. They had finished their school work, done their chores, ran around the house like crazy people, argued about the origin of Charlie and Lola and now were ready to have all this fun mom promised.

“All that fun” which I just happened to have stuffed into the trash can.

Deciding that I could either burst their little bubbles or get a bit creative, I opted for the later. We hunted down a pack of spare balloons (likely leftover from a birthday party) and attempted to fill those with water. This endeavor was way more successful than my previous attempt. We hauled out the balloons to the driveway, grabbed some sidewalk chalk and created “The Great Balloon Toss of 2012”.

In all honesty, the game did not work so well. The balloons did not burst until the 5th or 6th time they were thrown. I forgot to have the kids keep the score about halfway through the game. We did not even attempt to do a fancy over-the-shoulder throw or a closed-eye toss.


Yet the kids thought it to be the best game ever.



Which made it successful in my book.



Plus, the mirror in my bathroom is REALLY clean now…

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