Cramming In Summer Fun

As summer is slowly winding down (anyone else notice that Target put the Back-to-School aisle up sometime in the middle of the night on July 4th? I normally would be annoyed by such a thing, except I love all things school supply related), we are finishing up some of our big summer activities. Last week, the children and I participated in a three day camp/practicum for Classical Conversations.

Last year, this camp was such a huge hit with both kids that they have been looking forward to this one for 365 days.

Last Thursday the day arrived when they could finally participate in CC Camp once again. This year, Isaac was old enough to be in the Geodrawing Camp. What does one do in a Geodrawing camp, you may ask. Well, they learn to draw the world. And it’s oceans. And the five great circles.

They also drew many more things to practice the five basic shapes of drawing.

They also apparently played Red Rover a lot after their nature walks. It seems my almost-seven year old has never played Red Rover (oops) and found it to be the best game ever. He was really hoping we could incorporate it into our after-dinner family time. Last week I used the excuse of the summer temperatures as to the reason why we could not have a round of this classic game. I just could not bear to tell him quite yet that Red Rover is really not that exciting when there are only four people playing.

He has all his life to experience such disappointments.

Anyway, here is his freehand drawing of the world from memory.


The girl participated in play camp, which involved a preschool curriculum and a lot of playing. She had quite the time with a group of sweet little girls. Initially she was disappointed that she could not participate in Geodrawing like her brother (isn’t always the hardest being the younger sibling???). Then she discovered that they were working…a lot…and decided to be content with her space in play camp.

That particular camp ran three days, Thursday through Saturday, from 8:30am to 4pm. Because it was being held at the location where our CC community meets during the year, the kids and I stuck around to 5pm most days to help take out the trash and clean. I put the kids in charge of collecting trash from all the rooms and bathrooms on the bottom floor, a job they took quite seriously. The days were long but a lot of fun and quite rewarding.

Sunday we rested.

Monday morning of this week we were all up bright and early (who are we kidding…my kids are always up bright and early) to start another camp. This week Isaac is participating in music camp at church. Again, Evelyn was a bit left behind with this one. Participants had to have finished kindergarten this past year to be involved. Although Miss E. basically did Kinder last year at preschool and we felt like she could have handled the program requirements, she technically is just entering the Kindergarten class at church. She was quite sad over not getting to participate, but has found her place in the childcare room. I am a helper mom part of the day, meaning I tell kids that yes they can go to the bathroom, I prevent too much lemonade from being consumed during snack time and I stand around wonder (to myself) why so many kids have cell phones.

Our camper, proud member of the purple team.

Every camper wears the bandanna…with their name printed on it….Rambo style.

Because I am not volunteering the entire day at camp, Miss E. and I have some time together each morning after we drop off Isaac. This is really a nice little treat. Last year, Isaac and I were blessed with quite a bit of one-on-one time while E. was at preschool. She and I spend a lot of time together, running to the grocery store or cooking supper, but it is nice to have some “free” time to spend with one another.

Today we hit up the American Girl store for an hour before we had to be back at camp.


She opted to bring her Emily doll along, dressed in snowsuit, mittens and roller skate shoes. Evelyn opted to leave the doll’s knit cap in the car, siting that Emily might get “too sweaty.”

I bit my tongue and did not question if a snowsuit and mittens in July might also cause the doll to get “too sweaty.”

We had a nice little time examining each little piece of doll paraphernalia. American Girl is one toy craze that I could really go crazy with, if allowed. I appreciate the ideas behind the products and the focus on character traits. I also really like because it is cute. Who doesn’t want a VW bug for their 18 inch doll? Who hasn’t dreamed of being able to buy a fake cast and crutches for the favorite toy?

However, I refrained from going crazy (Miss E. and I both really loved a small tin lunch box and lunch that one could get for her doll. It was $30…more than I would pay for a real lunch box holding real food….so I resisted), purchasing only a pair of jeans for her doll to go with a t-shirt we bought for it at the AG store in NYC (seems I bought the doll a shirt and failed to remember we had no pants).

Camp ends on Friday (at 8pm…don’t ask), soccer games begin on Saturday (none of the kids games this year are back-to-back) and the camp musical is on Sunday afternoon.

We might be ready for school to start simply to get some rest.


What things are you attempting to cram into these last bits of summer?

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