Chalk it up to the winter blues

Arts and crafts time has always been a significant part of life at casa de Phillips. In fact both children asked for scotch tape, paper and crafting goodies for Christmas. One cannot even venture into Miss E’s room without leaving with an errant piece of string or a misguided strip of tape sticking to their person.

I try to get crafts into our homeschooling time the best I can. Truthfully our artistic endeavors are the part of the lesson plan that will get scrapped if we are running short on time. Fortunately both kids have an art lesson taught in the afternoon of our Classical Conversation day .

I won’t mention that the teacher of the class is me. (Fortunately all instruction is done via DVD)

Lately the kids and I have been practicing the “art” of chalk pastels. We inherited a set of pastels from Tobe ‘s great uncle last January. Prior to that, our experience with chalk had been limited to the sidewalk variety.

The inherited pastels sat untouched in our art closet for months until I got brave and pulled them down. There is something one must know about chalk pastels: they are messy. Despite the mess, we have found them to be incredibly fun to experiment with during the last few months. We have discovered that dipping the chalk in liquid starch prevents the chalk dust from coating the house. Also a quick spray of hairspray will set the chalk and prevent it from rubbing off on everything it touches. Using the chalk has taught the kids how to hold their hand while drawing in such a way that their wrist does not smear or smudge chalk lines.

Have I mentioned that it is fun?

This winter, on days when kids are stuck inside due to weather or illness. grab some chalk pastels and create a masterpiece.

(FYI: our favorite chalk tutorials can be found here).

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