Confession time

Every Thursday afternoon my kids take a homeschool PE class. They have been enrolled in it all year and it is one of the highlights of their week. They are learning different skills and building muscles.

It is one of the highlights of my week as well.

Confession: I totally hide out in my car with a book, my phone and a large ice tea during this hour long class. Because of the nature of this class, parents are encouraged to stay. Unless the weather is horrible, the class is held outside . All the parents seem to congregate under a tree and chat for an hour while the kids run around like the little crazy people they are.

Except me.

I want that hour of quiet to read my latest book or catch up with a friend on the phone . I want to have absolute quiet and not have to make awkward conversation about curriculum (the go-to homeschool discussion topic when meeting new people). So every week I watch PE from the comfort of my car, watching the kids as they attempt to do such “fun” things like army crawling across a muddy field .

Another confession about this time: the coach attempts to get parents to participate at the end and I delibertly sabatoge my ability to play.

Yeah, I took PE in both school and in college. I do boot camp three times a week. I run around with my kids. I am good, dude.

The game he wants us to play is called “GaGa Ball” this generations answer to the “cruelity” of dodge ball (seriously…it is safe dodgeball. What type of kids are we raising if they may enter adulthood never knowing the fear of having a ball thrown directly at one’s face? ). Playing involves scaling a wooden fence and entering an all dirt arean. One then must knock a ball around with their hands and attempt to hit other players shoes.

Therefore every Thursday I either have on the following: super nice shoes, a dress, or a skirt. Such a wardrobe prevents me from having to scale a fence and play a dusty game of GaGa ball. Mr. Coach, I pay you to play sports with my kids for an hour so I can have a bit of peace.

No worries, though. I am back on duty as soon as that last game of fake dodgeball has ended and the kids pile into the fa


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