Are you there, Blog? It’s me, Lynley

Apparently I took a two month break from blogging.

Two. Months.

This break was partly intentional and a bit unintentional. April and May bring with them crazy schedules and busy times. In the midst of those months I kept saying “Once school is over then I will have more time to breathe.”

Well, school ended and summer started and things still seem crazy busy.

I hate crazy busy.

The funny thing is that I personally create crazy busy for myself and my family. I sign us up for activities. I text friends for play dates. I make sure we are enrolled in various classes year round.

I am raising children to expect crazy busy.

One day perhaps I will figure out the balance that is needed. A balance between being at home and being involved and not having the word crazy attached to either.

in the meantime I have to grab the kids from swim lessons, stuff some lunch down them, drop one off at dance and take the other to a play date .


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One thought on “Are you there, Blog? It’s me, Lynley”

  1. Lynley! Where has your blogging gone?!?!?! I’m kidding—you know I have no place to judge. 🙂

    I need your e-mail address when you have a free minute. I’m working on making my blog private…..

    Thanks! Hope y’all are doing well. And I have to tell you, I think you are such a great mom and I have always loved your blog as long as I have been reading. I think it is wonderful you home school and have the up-most respect for that.

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