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Mamas with older kids, remember the witching hour when they were little?

That time between the hours of 4-6pm when nothing seemed to make their little minds happy and you could not wait to hear the sound of the garage door opening, signaling that backup had finally arrived home from work?

Those were tricky times, friends. I remember on the best of days when my two were littles and I would have a cute little craft and snack on hand to combat the witching hours. I also remember the days when they were crying and whining while I attempted to cook and clean and use the restroom in peace. Those were the days that even the lure of Disney Jr. would not settle their spirits.

We are past the days of the witching hour (although yesterday I swear both kids were a hot mess at 6pm. I blame playing outside for three hours straight and low blood sugar). Rather the witching hour has been replaced with mama’s taxi hour(s).

Now I spend the hours of 4-6pm (and typically up to 8pm) running mom’s taxi service.

Karate? Check.

Dance? Check.

Basketball? Check.

Back to dance? Check.

I drive one road in our suburbia multiple times a day in a span of 2-3 hours. I have threatened to become an uber driver just to make some money to pay for all these extracirriular activities to which I drive my kids to and from.

Recently I realized I was not making the most of this time. Sure I have conversations with my kids. Please remember that we homeschool and so we talk ALL DAY LONG.

That can be a bit much for the part of my spirit that craves quiet and alone.

So there are times that I say “Yes, you can flip on a movie.” or “Please listen to your music” so I can have my own time in the car. Also, I have learned that one is not too chatty after being in dance class for three hours. No need to force conversation. It will come when desired.

My answer to all this quality time spent in the car is podcasts. The great thing about podcasts is that 1. I can learn something. 2. The children can listen (at times). 3. It makes passing the same Chipotle four times in one hour a bit more bearable.

I know I am not the only parent blazing up the roads as I take my kids back and forth from various practices or rehearsals. For those other extracurricular activity road warriors (or perhaps for those who commute daily like my husband, bless his heart..and his car’s mileage), below are some of my favorite podcasts.



I cannot consider myself part of Genearation X unless I say I listen to Serial. I loved the first one. The husband and I are slowly making our way through the second.

For the sake of being truly transparent, I will admit that I thought it was a fake scenario the entire time we listened to the first episode of Season One (think Soap Opera on the radio back in the day). Fortunately my husband did not pack his bags right there and leave over that moment of airheadishness. Just in case you did not know, Serial is 100% based on real events. It is not child-friendly.

Dear Sugar

This is an advice podcast by Cheryl Strayed, of Wild fame. It is a fun one to listen to and I can often walk away (aka climb out of the family station wagon) with a nugget of truth for my life. Again, not child-friendly.

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

Oh my goodness: I feel like if I bumped into Jamie Ivey in my local mall that I would speak to her like she is one of my closest friends.

Let it be known that I almost spoke to someone I did not know once in a creepy familiar way because I stalked her blog back in the day. So obviously I can have boundary issues with people I don’t know.

Jamie Ivey is from Austin and has this great podcast in which she chats with influential women. Because she is in the hip Austin scene she happens to know a lot of women. Jen Hatmaker fans will be happy to know that there are at least 4 episodes featuring Jen. This is a great, inspiring podcast for women. Typically it is child-friendly but one sometimes has to censor.

Also..if your kids are familiar at all with Pine Cove, they will flip out when the Pine Cove commercial pops on in the middle of the podcast. You will then have to pause the podcast to hear them regale all sorts of Pine Cove stories. See! Podcasts bring families together!

Read Aloud Revival with Sarah Mackenzie

If you are a homeschooler and have yet to read the book Teaching from Rest, open up a new browser right this instant and order if from Amazon. It will refresh the remaining school months left in this year and get you focused for the upcoming year.

After ordering the book, be sure to listen to the author’s (Sarah Mackenzie) podcast. It is simply delightful.

In all honesty, there is a podcast by a blogger who I adore that I simply cannot listen to due to her voice.  (No worries…I won’t divulge this blogger’s identity). It simply does not work with my delicate ears. However, Sarah Mackenzie has a delightful, soothing voice that is super easy to listen to and your children will enjoy it as well. She has managed to snag some excellent guests (Andrew Pudeaw is her first guest…in fact, the podcast origins are all because she asked him to be on her show that was non-existent when she made the request to his company.). This podcast is excellent for those times when you are making supper and the kids are playing and you need a few moments of encouragement while you stir the spaghetti sauce. Most likely you will want a piece of paper and a pen nearby while you listen: there are some great nuggets of wisdom tucked into each episode.

The PopCast

I love some good pop news/trivia and this podcast never fails me. Beware: If you happen to be listening to this while running on the treadmill, you most likely will laugh out loud at 5am and cause those near you to stare uncomfortably.

The Big Boo Cast

This, dear reader, is the first podcast to which I ever listened. It has gotten me through many a solo-parent Texas/Arkansas road trip. The great thing about the Big Boo Cast (hosted by mommy bloggers Boo Mama and Big Mama) is that one feels like they are simply listening to two friends chat on the phone.

And that phone conversation covers things such as the perfect mascara to writing tips to celebrity gossip, all with a touch of Jesus sprinkled all over it.

Again, delightful for the ears (Although the southern accents may be a bit too much for some, I find it to be a taste of home.)


Do you have a favorite podcast that helps you make it through a portion of your day? If so share so we can all make that one more trip to karate just a bit more manageable.


Also…I may have checked out tons of books on podcasting because I have this dream to create my own podcast. Stay tuned!



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