Power Puff Girls and Jump Ropes

Another birthday has come and gone here at casa de phillips.


A few weeks ago the girl turned nine.

Just in case you have been a long time reader, this is the same girl whose birth we live blogged right here on this very platform. How on earth could the child possibly be nine years old? Next year there will not be one child living in my home in the single digits.

Were we not just running from mad ducks who used to chase us as I pushed those babies in their double jogging stroller?

Nine, y’all.

I cannot even.

Birthdays are a big deal at casa de phillips. My birthday has always held a bit of magic for me partly because I have the type of personality that loves to be celebrated (Yes..I embrace that. Some may call it a character flaw. Rather I see it as a love of a good party.) and partly because of being adopted and knowing a lot of people did a lot of things to make my existence even possible.

Over the years, I have settled down a bit when in comes to the actual birthday party for my children. I still love to let the creative juices flow and our credit card bills still show a few extra charges to Michaels craft store during that time, but things have been toned down quite the bit. In fact, the boy has had the same birthday party the past two years in a row. As the children grow older I find they have an actual opinion about how they want their party to be and what the theme should entail. This has been a learning curve for all of us, but I am happy to report that I am embracing it gracefully.

In fact this year when my daughter suggested that I meld the orginal party theme of “Jump Ropes and Hula Hoop Extravaganza” with Power Puff girls, I did not flinch. I took a deep breath and said “That sounds perfect.”

(I also did a silent cheer when we realized that Power Puff girls party merchandise does not exist yet and we could only get old school PPG supplies off of Ebay. The girl was not a fan of the old school merch and so she scrapped the plan. Insert praise hands here.)

As the children begin to own their party ideas, I still own cake decorating.

For whatever reason, the year the boy turned one I decieded to make his cake. This involved a trip to Michaels (duh) and the purchase of a “fancy” cake pan in the shape of a lion. I then proceeded to make two cakes (a test one and the real deal), complete with puffy colored icing to fill in the lion’s features.

A tradition (and a slightly deranged lion) was born that day.

Since then I have made each of the children’s cake (and a few for the husband) for their birthday. It is always a fun treat for them (and usually for me) to see what I come up with.

Before you name me “Crafty Mom of the Year” let me be very clear: typically these cakes are only something a child could love.

For example, there was the year I created Rocket from the Little Einsteins. This cake had TOOTHPICKS inserted in it to keep it together.

And I fed it to three year olds.


I have made a flower pot cake and a French fry cake. A super Mario cake and a hot wheels track cake. There has been a Harry Potter and a d0-it-yourself art canvas. We have had a rose cake and a multitude of rainbow cakes.

Not one of these have exactly been pinterest-worthy.

However, each one of them is a gift of love to my kids. Just a few weeks ago, the girl gathered all her friends around to admire the cake I had crafted for her.

Did it look remotely like the picture from the Internet that I attempted to copy?

Not in the least.

But it was beautiful in my child’s eyes).

Making birthday cakes is a relatively easy way to show my kids that I find them to be pretty awesome.

What little traditions do you create for your family that serves as a reminder of your love for them?


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