The Un-Do List


Dear Target Dollar Spot,

For the love of my wallet and the balance of my Red Card, please stop creating cute notepads with such headings as “To Do Today” or “Master Plan” written in fancy script. Every time I walk through your doors, such stationary calls my name and I grab one more notepad as I rush to scoop up my Target essentials. Currently there are no less than 20 decorative notepads residing in my home, just waiting for their chance to have my daily to do list scribbled across their pages. Kon Marie told me to get rid of the clutter, yet I keep my notebooks to track my lists of how to rid my home of said clutter. The cycle seems unending. Please help stop the madness.


A Devoted Shopper


Anyone else addicted to purchasing cute notebooks and planners, all in the hopes of being effortlessly organized and on task 24/7?

Please tell me it is not just me.

I am a big fan of the to do list, mainly because if I do not write it down it likely will never happen. The thing about to-do lists is that they can taunt us, despite their gold foil lettering and trendy floral design. They mock us with a visual reminder of ALL THE THINGS we need to accomplish, despite the fact that our day still only has about 12 good hours in which we can actually get something done.

Lately, I have started another form of my daily list. I call this my “Un-do List”. When I find myself focused on trying to get everything done (I am looking at YOU, Closet Under the Stairs! Some day you will be organized!), I realize I need to focus on the things that can simply be undone.

For example, I can leave the following things undone during my day:

  • perfectionism
  • comparison to others
  • nagging of my children
  • feeling like I have to say “yes” to things when I really want to say “no”
  • self-doubt
  • self-consciousness about who and what I am

These things listed above are all things I simply do not need in my day. Listing them (and my lists are quite more specific than the examples above) allows me to release the hold they have on me. It also allows me to tackle my actual to-do list in a manner that is productive and realistic. I encourage you to write out your own un-do list for the week. What are some things you can simply let go of that are weighing you down and hindering your life’s productivity?

I also encourage you to slap that cute little notebook right out of my hand if you happen to pass me in the dollar spot.

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