Why Save the Phillips Family?


Casa de Phillips contains one Dr. of Industrial Organizational Psychology, one former special education teacher with a masters in Clinical Child Psychology turned stay-at-home mom, one adorable preschool boy with such a zest for life he can barely sleep past 5am, and one spunky three year old girl whose birth we blogged live (that little fact will likely come back to haunt her in junior high). 

Basically we are the typical family living out daily life, whose ups and downs I often record on this blog. 

Which leaves that ever-popular question…”Why Savethephillipsfamily?” 

When our firstborn was just a few weeks old, the husband and I created this blog. As we sat at the computer that night, likely sleep-deprived and a bit manic, we thought of names for our little blog. Somehow I came up with “Save the Phillips Family,” a name that made me giggle uncontrollably, mainly because it sounded like some sub-culture movement to better the earth. 

Years later, I still giggle every time I open my blog to type out a post and see “Save the Phillips” in bold letters at the top. 

Although this title invokes laughter most days, it carries with it a bit of meaning and truth. Honestly, who doesn’t need saving every once and a while? 

We all need a little saving, even over here at casa de phillips….saving from ourselves, saving from materialism, saving from a sibling’s jealous hand, saving from competitive mothering, saving from the ice cream sitting in the freezer, saving from the children who seem to know the moment a bathroom is entered in search of privacy, saving from life’s insecurities, saving from the false truths of the media, saving from having to endure one more request for water at bedtime. 

Just saving in general. 

This little blog has saved me more than once on those days when I question who really thought it was a good idea to put me in charge of two little people and their world. I have reconnected and met people through this little piece of the Internet that I likely would have never had the chance to communicate with otherwise. I have been able to share my journey of being a mommy with readers who can relate or guide me along a better path.  There were days when I felt completely alone in my role as Mommy, stumbling along and pining for my days of youth. Through the words of this blog and the comments it generates I am inspired to get up, toss on my stay-at-home-mom yoga pants and give mothering another attempt for the day. 

What a blessing. 

Thanks for saving our little family on occasion. Hopefully we can return the favor one day.

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Marla Finley January 26, 2010 at 10:40 AM

Cool! I’m glad to hear the story behind the name. May God save the Phillips!

Melissa B. December 15, 2011 at 6:42 PM

Love this! Yes, we do need a little saving some time. Hope your page does well!
God bless,

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