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Aside from being a mom, a homeschooler, and a freelance writer, I am also a public speaker. My knowledge on the topics below comes from a Masters Degree in Clinical Child Psychology, several years spent in the Special Education classroom and life experiences.


  • The Ins and Outs of Preschool: The decision to send a child to preschool can be tricky. How old should a child be? Where do I send him? How can I possibly tell which program is going to be best for my child? Participants in this seminar leave with an understanding of the types of preschool programs, resources on how to determine a program’s fit for a child and tips on how to prepare children for the start of their school career.
  • Creating and Maintaining a Household Notebook:Being the CEO of a company is challenging. Being the CEO of a family is downright HARD WORK! Learn how to free your home from the clutter and chaos of paper and streamline all your family’s important information into one notebook.
  • Mom Time Management 101:Being a mom is about more than kissing scraped knees and making a killer pot roast. Being a mom involves maintaining several different schedules at once, knowing the exact contents of the refridgerator at any given time and being able to meet the demands of daily life. If you feel like your role as mother needs a time management overhaul, this is the workshop for you!
  • Homeschool Organization 101: Does your homeschool seem disjointed and dangling on the edge of chaos? I love to speak to fellow homeschool moms on how to organize their school day, streamline their curriculum to be effective and maintainable, and on how to keep chaos at bay. Tips include lesson planning, incorporating household chores into the school day, school room set-up, and daily scheduling.


  • Morning Basket: The Morning Basket has revolutionized our own homeschool and I always enjoy sharing about this handy tool with other moms. Some days it feels like the important educational aspects of homeschooling slipped by in the rush and business of the day. The Homeschool Basket is a great way to ensure students are learning the essentials in the busy season of life.


  • Classical Conversations at Home: Does your Classical Conversations group want to know how to incorporate the learning done each week in Foundations into the home school? This is a great talk for CC Communities who wish to dig deeper into the CC material at home. This talk includes hands-on activities to show moms how CC can be incorporated into the home educational process as well as a variety of tips and procedures for learning New Grammar at home. We have been a part of Classical Conversations for five years and I enjoy encouraging other CC moms as they walk the path of Classical Education.

Interested in having me come speak to your Moms’ group or organization? Contact me at savethephillipsfamily@hotmail.com for information regarding scheduling and fees.

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