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Entertaining Kids: Christmas Break Edition

Have you ever noticed that there is a line in a popular Christmas carol that says “And Mom and Dad can hardly wait for school to start again..”

That, dear readers, is because Christmas break can be a beating for parents.

Kids are just SO EXCITED about Christmas and all that energy can lead to issues on the home front.

A great way to channel such energy is to focus it into Christmas activities. Sometimes parents want seasonal activities that can sit down and do with children while other times they merely desire an activity that kids can do independently.

This is an independent activity, friends, that will allow mom to get something down while children are quite and creative.

Early in December, I made a Christmas card kit. I filled it with pre-folded paper, holiday stickers, ribbon, glue, tape, markers, a list of friends and family names and a list of words one might need when sending a Christmas card.

I then gave the children the bucket and let them go to town crafting cards.


This has been a great activity this December and we have a wide variety of cards to show all their effort and hard work. Sure some are a bit more interesting than others, but all the cards are festive, fun and from the heart.

If you need a moment of peace this Christmas break, have kids make a stack of cards. Need someplace to deliver their cards once they are finished? Try stopping by an area retirement village and nursing home. Residents there would love a child-inspired Christmas wish.

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