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1 Day Down…184 left to enjoy!

Well, the school bell officially rang this morning and first grade has begun.

Our proud new first grader on his first day of school:

The required teacher/student picture:

Our home school class:

Day one went really well. The teacher seemed to have things together. The students were eager to learn (E. called me “Teacher Mommy” most of the day). The janitorial staff was a bit questionable but the cafeteria lady did serve up a mean lunch of leftover mini hamburgers and yogurt. The principal even managed to stop by a few times and see what was going on (and let the students practice their new skill of jumping off the kitchen island into his arms. Potential PE credit??)  Overall, everyone was pleased with Day One.

I have many, many more sentiments and thoughts to share regarding homeschooling. However, this teacher is pooped after day one and Season Three of Mad Men (thanks, Kelly S!) and my husband are waiting for me downstairs.

I will share soon about our decision to homeschool, the path we plan to take with homeschooling, pictures of our school room, our curriculum for the year and our daily schedule.

In the meantime, one more picture of that cute little first grader (and his sister) who now lives under our roof here at casa de phillips

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