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A quick centerpiece for the 4th

Last Saturday I pulled the big family calendar off the fridge to do some updating for the month of July. Miss E took one look at the date (It happened to be June 30th) and began to wail.

“Summer is ooooooooo-ver.”

After a reminder that summer is indeed not over and another reminder that we live in a unfortunately hot part of the country where summer temps can linger until Halloween, she rested assured in the fact that there was still lots of summer fun to be had.

That being said, today is July 4th, the date that most people use to mark the middle of summer.

Casa de phillips is taking it easy this fourth of July.  Time will be spent doing those American activities of swimming and eating hamburgers (just like our forefathers did back in 1776).  We tend to enjoy a more subdued celebration at home rather than fighting the crowds to see the fireworks display.

(That being said someone was shooting off fireworks in our neighborhood last night. I am okay with that. We have fireworks go off every Friday night in our suburb during the summer, so the pops and bangs are not bothersome. However, my law-abiding nature felt worried for the people daring to shoot off their own displays  inside the city limits considering we have a police officer who lives at the end of the street. I went to bed worried for these risk-takers, hoping they did not have to spend the fourth behind bars.)

Yesterday, the kids did a bit of Independence Day school work to add to their summer binders. After that was all done, we created a little homemade centerpiece to honor the fourth.

To create this centerpiece, one simply needs: Dried red beans, dried white beans, dried black beans and a pretty glass container.

I explained the process to the kids of how we were going to layer beans then gave them a measuring cup and let them have it.

In less than three minutes we had a festive little display for our table or entryway.


My initial thought was to put two American flags into the beans. When I sent both kids into the school room to retrieve said flags, one came out with a toy spatula saying that could be a good substitution while another never came out and was later discovered sitting by the bookshelf looking up something about dinosaurs. It seems our school flags have disappeared since May.

Oh well.

Happy Fourth of July!

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