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Back to School: Three Tips for Making Choatic School Days Calm

Yesterday morning I did a segment on Fox 4’s Good Day discussing three ways to make chaotic school days calm. As always, I am thankful to the good folks over at Good Day for asking me back once again to share my mommy blogger thoughts (and I am extremely thankful for the beyond-talented make-up artist Amber who makes me look perky and rested at 7:30am).

School is starting, which means families are trading in the lazy days of summer for the crazy-busy, wanna-pull-your-hair-out days of school. I compiled three tips to help families transform chaotic school days into calm, organized moments of time.

Tip #1: Establish stations to help with busy times of the day

Tip #2: Establish a morning and evening chore routine

Tip #3: Get sleep schedules back on trackGet-Organized-for-SchoolFox 4 Good Day Segment


Want to watch the segment? Check it out here.

“Mom, I’m Bored!” Places to visit in Dallas to combat summer boredom

*Welcome to those of you who saw my segment on Fox 4’s Good Day! To learn more about me and my blog, go here*



The month of July is settling in and the activities that held children’s attention at the beginning of the summer are starting to lose their spark. The normal go-to sources of entertainment such as local zoos, community pools and activity centers have been exhausted. Temperatures are rising, patience is wearing thin and everyone is starting to feel just a bit of the summer stir-crazies. Children are starting to whine “I’m bored.” before they even finish their morning bowl of cereal and moms only line of defense is  the haughty comeback of “Only boring people get bored.”

The result of this exchange: A grumpy family before the clock has a chance to reach eight o’clock am.

No fear, mothers. The Dallas/Fort Worth area is home to a vast amount of places that will provide countless hours of entertainment for those restless children. Cries of “I’m bored!” will quickly transform into “Mom, you’re the best!” as everyone enjoys taking part in some of these fun, unique activities.


Cowtown Wake Park


Would you love for your kids to learn how to wakeboard or wake skate, but do not have access to a boat or a lake? No problem. Cowtown Wake Park offers kids the chance to learn a variety of water sports in a safe, contained environment. Utilizing a cable system, Cowtown Wake Park provides kids and adults with the chance to enjoy summer water sports without having to be pulled behind a boat. Located on an artificial five acre lake off the banks of the Trinity River in Fort Worth, Cowtown Wake Park is the family’s answer to unique outdoor summer fun. Summer camps, birthday party packages and individual teaching are all available.


Fall Creek Farms in Granbury


Summer is the perfect time to stock the kitchen with fresh fruits and vegetables. Fall Creek Farms in Granbury, TX (about a 30 minute drive from Fort Worth) allows families to come and pick their own fresh fruit. Berry picking season is already closed but their peach crop is ripe and ready for eager harvesters. This farm hosts over 500 peach trees on their property. Visitors can tour the orchard on a tractor-pulled trolley, stopping to pick whatever peach appeals to them. Visitors are encouraged to call ahead to confirm pick times.


Adventure Day Camps on Lake Grapevine


Many mothers believe if they have not signed up their children for summer camp before the beginning of July, then it is simply too late to do so. Not the case with Adventure Day Camps. Adventure Day Camps is a camp for children ages 4-13, hosted on the banks of Lake Grapevine. Parents can sign children up for summer-long camps, week-long camps, one day camps or even 1/2 day camps. Campers learn a variety of outdoor skills and games including archery, camping, Frisbee golf, kayaking and swimming. Arts and crafts and games such as treasure hunts are also offered. Day camps run now through mid-August.


Texas Geocache Challenge hosted by Texas Parks and



Have a GPS device and kids who love a good treasure hunt? Then the Texas Geocache Challenge is your family’s answer to combating summer boredom. Geocaching a popular type of treasure hunting where families us a GPS device to help them find treasures (Known as “caches“) hidden by others. This summer the Texas Parks and Wildlife commission is getting in on the geocaching craze and have hidden a large amounts of caches throughout Texas. Participants can search in their local area or canvas the entire state in search of these caches. Their website has detailed information, including printouts and directions for how families can get started on this challenge. The great thing about geocaching is that the whole family, regardless of age and size, can get in  on the fun.


Dinosaur World in Glen Rose


Glen Rose, TX is the tourist place for dinosaur enthusiasts. Dinosaur World, an outdoor museum, will not disappoint the Glen Rose visitor in search of some dino action. Dinosaur World has 22 acres, filled with over 100 life-sized models of dinosaurs for families to discover and inspect up-close. Children will enjoy the daily dino dig, a place where they can become paleontologists for the day and search for treasures (which they get to keep!). Rather than hitting the hot, crowded amusement parks this summer step into the prehistoric world of the dinosaurs at Dinosaur World in Glen Rose, Texas.


Summer Theater

Dallas/Fort Worth is home to many children’s theater companies. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy theater with the family and support local children’s performing arts. Many of these companies offer low pricing ($5!) and a variety of child-friendly show times. Some current summer productions include Cinderella, Mulan, Seusical the Musical, Dora the Explorer LIVE! and Pinkalicious. Have a performer in the family? A lot of these companies also offer summer camps for the aspiring thespian.

Local children’s theater companies include:


Step out and enjoy these unique summer boredom busters that DFW has to offer!




The story behind the camera

Yesterday the school buses ran their routes again, mothers frantically packed lunches that would pass as “healthy” from the lunchroom monitors and children drug their hesitant, sleepy feet back into the classroom for two more months of learning.

Spring Break is over, folks, and school is back in session.

I found it amusing that my two children, who are preschoolers, displayed such a strong emotion about Spring Break. On their final day of school before the break, they sounded like miniature versions of graduating high school seniors as they praised the joy that is Spring Break.

I had to bite my tongue to keep from reminding them that they attend school a maximum of eight hours a week and that said school happens to be one of the most fun places on earth in their opinion on most days. How could anyone rejoice leaving the “confines” of a place that is painted ceiling to floor in bright, jungle-themed murals and serves snack on a regular basis?

Yet, my two were thrilled with the idea of a break from the torture and slave-driving that is preschool.

Our week of break started off fairly low-key. We bid farewell to the grandparents who had come to visit us over the weekend, we made a trip to the kiddie hair salon, we had a picnic at the park, we filmed a live segment for the local television station.

Yep, we filmed a live segment for the local television station.

A few weeks prior to Spring Break, I had been contacted by a local television station who asked if I would be interested in doing a segment on Spring Break activities for families. Um, yes, please. I did film a commercial for my hometown’s sports complex when I was in the fourth grade and was also Nurse #4 in my high school’s production of “South Pacific” so it made perfect sense for the next move in my performing arts career to be a spot on the local news.

Our orignal day to be on the news was the Tuesday of Spring Break. However, we were bumped from that time slot at the last minute but did get picked up to be featured on Thursday. Although making it to the big city from the suburbs at an early hour called for an unfortunate wake-up time that day, our little family of four was more than excited to participate in this event.

Here are a few things I learned from my three minute stint on the local news:

1. What I consider to be “pale” and “tired”, was deemed “My Look” by the make-up artist as she praised my fair skin and red hair. I figure I will even be more pale and more tired in my forties, so therefor I am slightly excited to see how “My Look” works for me then…

2. Young children are a novelty, especially to perky morning news anchors. The children were featured on a live shot as the news was going to break during one segment. Fortunately everyone smiled and no one was fussing about some sort of major injustice they just endured.

3. There is a device simply laying around on the ground of a television studio that can speed up the teleprompter. Said device was almost stepped on by one of my children during a news segment. Lovely.

4. Miss E, who apparently is ready for her close-up, has no qualms about informing our metroplex area that she is ready for a cookie. Yep, that is what she tells me at the end of the segment.

5. The husband was in studio with us, although never featured on camera. He served as purse-holder, child-wrangler and nerve-calmer that day. 

6. I could get used to having someone else do my make-up in the morning.  See my made up face?? I wore that all day long, even after we returned home and I traded the blue dress in for a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt. I am fairly certain I was the most glamorous looking mom cleaning bathrooms on our block that day.

7. The live camera shot of an upcoming guest waving at the camera is painful. PAINFUL. Especially when the cameraman suddenly stops mid-conversation to tell you to wave.

8. The girl is obsessed with cooking, even at 7am. This chef happens to be Lisa Garza, from the Food Network. Apparently she and Miss E. had quite the conversation about cooking. I am wishing E. had invited Chef Garza to her birthday party, since I am pulling for it to have a cooking theme.

9. I am obsessed with cooking, even at 7am.

10. Sharing my ideas, which are usually written and done in the privacy of my own home, with others live on television was a unique experience that proved to be both fun and rewarding. If you haven’t seen the clip of my segment already, you can check it out here.

Thanks, Fox 4 Good Day, for a fun morning and an exciting way to spend a small portion of our Spring Break!

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