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A Spoon Full of Sugar

For the past six years, I have blogged about family themed Halloween costumes.

We have been Robin Hood, Nintendo characters and a crime-fighting gang.

The family Halloween costume is a pretty big deal around casa de Phillips. Despite the love for a themed costume, this year there will be no theme. Our family is actually going to be apart this year on Halloween, so a theme just was not going to work. We let the kids choose their own costumes, assuring them that next year we would all venture out together in a themed attire once again. Fortunately we were able to participate in our small group’s Halloween party, giving us the chance to snap multiple picture of our kids in their costumes and fill our friends’ Facebook feeds with pictures that all look the same.

You’re welcome.

Allow me to introduce Dorothy:




The girl is a bit infatuated with Dorothy after dancing in a ballet version of the Wizard of Oz this summer.

It was a no-brainer that the boy was going to be the X Wing Fighter Pilot version of Luke Skywalker.



Orange really suits him.


Thursday of last week the kids inquired as to what my costume was going to be this year. Until that moment I had not even contemplated dressing up for the party. Life has been running at full speed lately as I have been attempting to get our entire family ready for my surgery. I could tell that the kids really wanted me to dress-up. A quick Pinterest search provided me with a fabulous idea: Mary Poppins.


Fortunately I was able to create my own Mary Poppins costume out of things I (mostly) had on hand.

Want to be Mary Poppins this year? Simply pair a black skirt with a white button down shirt. Toss on black tights and black boots. Fasten a red bow around your neck and use large ribbon around the waist to create the look of a belt. Hot glue some old fake flowers onto a black hat and look for a tapestry bag in the back of your closet (I did have to purchase this at a thrift store. It is now a part of the girl’s dress-up bucket.). Grab an umbrella and don your best British accent.

Congratulations you are now Mary Poppins and a rock star Mommy in your children’s eyes.



The husband went to the party as well.


He went as himself as his appearance at the party was very last minute (We thought he was going to be on a business trip…thankfully he was not).


True there are no Halloween themed costumes this year. But we have some cute pictures and fun memories.

Plus I found a Baby Ruth in my kiddos pre-Halloween/Homecoming parade candy stash so I call it a “win” for me.



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