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Day 17: Get Carded (Library Carded, that is)

Last year on the first day of school, the boy got his very own official library card.

It was monumental.

Want you kid to have a love for reading? Have him get a library card.

There is a secret to this trick though. Anyone can get a library card card if they are a resident of a city and can write their name. They can then immediately stuff that card into a wallet or the back of a desk drawer and never, ever use it again.

Or that person can get a library card on a special day (first day of school, birthday, Columbus day, Tuesday) and know that with that card comes great privilege and responsibility. They can come to understand that one little plastic card can get them any book or movie or CD their little heart desires. A library card opens many doors to the young reader and gives them ownership in the act of borrowing of reading materials.

It also teaches a harsh reality when it comes to being responsible for books and dealing with late fines.

(I am the worst about late fines. Always have been. I resist the urgent to analyze what this may/may not mean about my character)

Our family visits the library at least once a week.  Each child has a library bag and a library card. They are asked to check out a variety of books each week. Our list includes:


One science book

One history book

One art or music appreciation book

One craft or how-to book

One biography or autobiography

One classic novel (*Evelyn is asked to get a few readers rather than a long chapter book)

One book of poetry

After they collect these books, they are free to load up on whatever else looks interesting to them. We usually leave with a haul. Most of it gets read during the week while a few go untouched for various reasons. We return it all the next week and start fresh, looking for new treasures among the shelves of our library.

Does your child have a library card? What is his/her favorite thing to scoop up while pursuing the aisles?

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