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“Mom Gives Up Diet Soda and Survives”

I am a thirsty person.

I truly believe I was born thirsty, as I have always felt the need to be drinking something. I drink a crazy amount of liquids during the day. Bless any wait staff who works the table I sit at in a restaurant because they will be doing double-time to keep my drink filled.

My thirstiness intensified when I was pregnant with both of my kiddos, which I did not even think was possible. I would order two drinks when out to eat and advise the waiter that I would be in need of LOTS of water.

In the past, my go-to drinks were diet sodas. I lived for the Sonic Happy Hour and Route 44’s. I would often run out at night once the kids were in bed and grab a big gulp of soda for the husband and myself at the nearest gas station.

Like I said, I am a thirsty person.

In the fall, I started to realize that despite my extreme thirst, I probably needed to back off of the diet sodas. My weight was not really were I wanted it to be and money seemed to be falling out of my wallet every time I scooped up a mega-large, extra-caffeinated, fake sugar soft drink. I always figured since I was drinking diet soda, that consuming so much of this sweet nectar of goodness would not effect the size of jeans I wear.

Then  a study came out discussing the negative effects of artificial sweetener and how it can sabotage one’s diet plans.


The children began noticing my soda habit as well.  They were taking such notice that they were requesting their own carbonated drinks. The boy has had Sprite a handful of times, but that is it. The husband and I do not want little soda junkies for children and have kept their liquids to milk, water and juice thus far. It was starting to become a bit hypocritical to tell them they could only have healthy drinks while I was frantically attempting to poke a straw into my gallon-sized drink and get my soda fix for the morning.

At the beginning of October, I gave up soda.

Surprisingly my local Sonic did not call to see if I had fallen terribly ill. They also did not shut their doors and declare bankruptcy. In fact, they seem just as busy as they were in my hay days of swinging by and grabbing one (or two) extra large drinks.

Giving up “the juice” was difficult for a few days but I pressed on. After about a week, it was not as difficult. Once a month passed, I did not really even miss it that much.  I have had a few sodas since October, especially during the holidays. However, I quickly realized that once one goes without drinking soda on a regular basis they taste much too sweet and syrupy to be enjoyable anymore.

Since giving up soda, I drink water (lots and lots of water), coffee, iced tea and the occasional (small) glass of milk. I use Truvia or Splenda (in a pinch) to sweeten my tea and coffee. Artificial sweetener is no longer a staple in my diet. My jeans fit just a bit better, my mind feels a bit clearer and I no longer attempt to work our schedule around getting a large soda to drink.


Yesterday on Pinterest, I found this interesting diagram of what soda does to the body.



It is not good, folks.


By the way, I also gave up BREAD in October.


That one was hard, but I’ll save that story for another blog post.


What food/drink have you given-up that has had a postive effect on your health?


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