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Why Mama Needs a Hobby…other than laundry

You know what make social media super great at times?

When people unknowingly fall for things posted by The Onion.

People ranting about social issues, people selling the lasts MLM product(*), people “vaguely” referencing family drama all under the guise of “asking for prayers”…those make social media a beating at times.

Yet nothing makes me feel more giddy than when someone posts a link to an article by The Onion…a notorious SATIRE site…along with a comment about “Can you believe this?”

I can giggle at this because I have TOTALLY been that person before.

Lately, my favorite Onion post on Facebook has been the one about how mom spends beach vacation doing the same household chores in closer proximity to the beach.

Can I get an amen?

Sometimes as moms we loose ourselves in motherhood. We find joy in parenting, in taking care of our homes (thanks, Joanna Gaines!), in tending to our spouse. These are all good things. However we can look up one day and realize past loves…reading, crafting, biking, muesem-hopping…have all taken a backseat to taking care of our families. If faced with a questionnaire in which someone inquires about hobbies, moms suddenly find themselves writing down such options as “Stain Removal from Resaleable Gymboree Clothing” or “Reloading the Dishwasher for the Third Time that Day“.

Readers, if you would answer a questionnaire with similar answers, it is time for you to get a hobby.

This summer, I have set aside a time to work on one of my hobbies. I made it very clear to the kids that I am working on something that is important to me and I would like peace and quiet to finish the task. If they need me for something super important, they are welcome to come and talk to me. Otherwise I am to be left alone.

Some days this hour in the morning comes and goes and the children hardly realize they are leaving me alone.

Then there are days when they simply cannot help themselves and find the need to ask me all sorts of pointless questions.

Perhaps they fear I am lonely. Or doing something uber fun. Or eating secret chocolate chip cookies without them.

Whatever the reason, there are days that this sacred time I have carved out is bombarded by two long-legged kids throwing themselves across my bed tossing out such important questions as “What is the schedule for next Tuesday?” and “Are there any chocolate chips in the freezer?”

Earth-shattering stuff.

I answer their questions and send them on their way, reminding them that mom is working on her hobby and needs some quiet during the designated time. Fortunately I have children who understand the need for peace and space (praise hands for kids that are slightly introverted like their parents) and generally respect the time I have allotted for my hobby.


Want to carve out time for your own personal hobby? Here are some steps to start down that path.

1. Choose a Hobby.

This is obvious, right? However, as we venture further into this mothering gig sometimes past hobbies become a bit of a blur. Take time to think about what you would like to do/create/visit. Think about available resources. If your hobby includes hiking the mountains and you live in West Texas, it may be time to dream up a different option.

2. Tell the Family

No one will know that mom is wanting to venture out on her own if she never mentions it. Tell you family about your hobby. Explain to them why it is important to you and why you want to pursue this. Remember, your kids have hobbies as well. They “get” wanting to do something you love (unless they are in the under three crowd and their hobby is tearing about the house. In that case, talk to your spouse about your hobby.)

3. Make a Plan

Nothing can happen in regards to your hobby until you make a plan for that hobby. For example, when I decided to specifically devote time to my hobby this summer I allocated a time in which to do this hobby. For me, I work on it from 8-9am in the morning. I keep this time sacred. I do not allow cleaning the bathrooms to take precedence or opt to drag the kids to the grocery store instead. This hour is hobby time.

4. Get started.

I am a big fan of Jon Acuff and especially his book “Do Over”. Good stuff there, readers. Sometimes we can make a plan but we never actually get started on said plan. You know those chore charts taped to your fridge to remind your kids to pick up their dirty clothes and brush their teeth?  That same principal will work for you. Jon Acuff has a whole movement helping adults actually make a plan happen by marking off in 15 minute increments when one actually DOES what they planned to do. Get the printable here.


What is your hobby? How are you going to make that hobby happen?

Share with all of us so we can be inspired to step out of the laundry room and embrace some time for ourselves.


(* I love me a good 31 bag and some essential oils. In no way am I criticizing my MLM friends.)

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