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Saving Summertime


Last week I sat down to organize our family’s summer calendar. I mapped out potential camps, listed possible play date opportunities, and checked the church website for fun things that entertain the children and spread the word of Jesus (that is a winning combo, by the way).

I was feeling quite productive as I registered my kids for all the things, including their annual stint at Vacation Bible School.

It was not until I hit that cute little “submit” button that I realized I had registered them for VBS…

in Iowa.

In case you are a new reader here, we don’t live in Iowa.

In fact, we don’t really live anywhere near Iowa.

I then got to make that awkward call to a church office…in Iowa…and explain that I accidentially registered my children for their VBS and would like to cancel said registration.

I am betting by the secretary’s response that she does not receive calls of that nature very often.

So that is how my summer has started off.

What about yours?

As I continue to plan and organize our summer (Which I don’t really consider  as started until after dance recital season comes to an end), I always like to see what my fellow mamas are up to. In the past we have done several variations of the Super Summer Challenge (read about those here).  I have also spent countless hours scheduling technology time, refereeing sibling spats, and searching for the constantly missing bottle of sunscreen. My goal for this summer is to minimize the chaos while maximizing all the glory that is summer.

My question for you is what are you doing this summer to prevent your children from becoming television and technology zombies? How are you saving your sanity while savoring your summer?

Share, mamas (and dads and grandparents and the random nanny who reads here). I plan to totally borrow your ideas and compile them into something useful.

Check back next week to see how I utilize those ideas and what we are going to do to not only save but also savor our summer.

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