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Date of the Month Club

Back in December, I hinted that the gift I was giving the husband for Christmas was going to be pretty awesome.


Because the husband is typically one of the first people to read any new blog posts, I could not disclose what this gift was until he actually opened it. After weeks and weeks of playing up the awesome factor of this gift, it finally came time for our little family of four to exchange Christmas presents.

Let it be noted: When one plays up a present for weeks on end with endless chatter about how great said present is going to be, one gets a bit nervous when the time of actually giving of that gift arrives.

Especially when one opens her present from the husband first and it is completely and totally wonderful.

However, the gift did not disappoint.

Behold: The Date of the Month Club

(Thanks, Pinterest!)

I gave the husband thirteen large white envelopes, each with a different month written on the outside (one was a “Bonus” date). Each month’s envelope contained a pre-planned, pre-paid date and everything needed for that date (that fits into an enevelope). Each date has a cute little title. Some dates are for out-of-the-house fun while others are ones we can do at home (Hey, paying a babysitter 13 times adds up!).

I wanted to give the husband the gift of time with this present: time for us to spend together (minus the children…there are no family dates planned!) and do something enjoyable. Each date is unique and most of them are not some of the standard things we typically do on date nights.

To find the inspiration for these dates, I used social media deal sites such as Groupon as well as looking at event calendars for our area. I made sure to mix up the dates so we were not really doing two similar things in a row.

I am really excited about digging in and enjoying these 13 dates and all I have planned for them. 2012 should be a fun year!



(Disclaimer: This picture was not taken the night the husband opened up his present. Rather, it was snapped by one of our children at another holiday celebration. However, I love it for many reasons: 1. I like to imagine this is how the husband felt when he opened his gift 2. It makes me laugh out loud every time I see it 3. I think it looks like us when we were in college. )

What gift did you give your spouse for Christmas?

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