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Farm Flu 2011

Anyone else tired of seeing my “Merry Christmas” post every time they check out savethephillipsfamily.com?

Yeah, me too.

However, the delay in posting has occurred for many reasons:


1. I had a very bad itch to completely de-Christmas-fy my house the moment the 25th had passed.

2. I had a very bad itch to completely de-junk three main closets in my house last week.

3. Farm Flu 2011 infested 3/4 of my household last week.


The first two of my points are self-explanatory (both of which were successfully completed, thankyouverymuch). Allow me to discuss point number three: Farm Flu 2011.

This year we were with the husband’s family for Christmas. His family is much large than mine and can boast up to 30+ members at any Christmas celebration, all joining together for holiday merriment. On Christmas Day, the husband’s granny fell ill. Because of some other health issues she is currently experiencing, no one really thought “Oh, it’s the stomach bug.” Rather, we all felt bad that Granny was sick, attempted to help her how we could and continued on with our holiday merry-making.

Christmas Evening two other family members fell ill.

The day after Christmas, Miss E. woke up perky and happy.

By breakfast, she was complaining of a tummy ache and was not interested in eating her Texas-sized waffle.

At this point in time, we had not heard of the other two family members’ sickness. We continued on with our day, packing up to leave for home. Being the diligent mother that I am, I set Miss E. up with a trashcan and Nick Jr. while I packed suitcases.

Then the vomitting began.

I said a silent prayer of thanksgiving over the fact that she had not consumed that Texas-sized waffle and then the husband and I set about the process of figuring out how to drive our family home (six hours) with a stomach-bug infested child. A phone call to the family doctor (What’s up, Dad?), a trip to the local pharmacy and a piece of tupperware designated as a throw-up bucket and we were ready to hit the road.

This is what the girl looked like during the trip



while this is what the boy looked like


It was a long trip, with several stomach issues (one involving a change of clothes on the side of the highway in 30 degree weather and another involving the use of a large puddle on the side of the road as a makeshift dishwasher). We survived and arrived home tired, hungry and ready to be still for a moment.

By the time bedtime rolled around that evening, Miss E. seemed on the mend. She was able to eat a few crackers, smile a bit and talk up a storm. Things were looking good for those of us at casa de phillips.

Fast-forward to Tuesday at dinner time. The boy complained of a headache, which quickly morphed into a stomachache. He is pretty in-tune with illness and his body and promptly relocated himself to the downstairs bathroom (with a book and pillow in tow) while the rest of the family sat down to dinner. Not one bite had been eaten when the stomach virus hit the boy. It also took down the husband and appeared to have affected the girl again by the time I returned to the table. While all the sick people found solace in various locations around the house, I finished my dinner alone and cleaned up the kitchen.

By 10:00pm that night, this is what our living room looked like:

Yep, that is two sick kiddos on pallets in the living room. Isaac had continued to be sick frequently since supper and Evelyn had woken up in a large pool of “sickness” around 9pm. The husband was battling feelings of sickness and had been quarentined to the upstairs with instructions to text me if he needed anything. We opted to keep the kids in the living room with me so I could help them when they needed it and also to make sure all of the “sickness” was contained on things that could be easily washed.

Tuesday was a long night, bringing back images of being a mom with a newborn and being up at all hours while it seemed like the rest of the world slept. The sickness appeared to pass in the wee hours of the morning, leaving us all tired yet thankful by the time Wednesday’s light of day greeted us. By mid-day, all was back to normal with children running around the house again and superheros ready to protect innocent victims at a moment’s notice.

By week’s end, 15 out of the 27 members who celebrated Christmas with us had experienced Farm Flu 2011. On the other side of the husband’s family, we know of five members who also experienced Farm Flu (despite never actually being at the farm, yet whom we had visited over Christmas).


Farm Flu…the Christmas gift that keeps on giving.

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