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Summer Reads 2016


We received shocking news last week.

The boy is officially too old for the summer reading program at our local library.


He was actually a bit happy about this because I think the idea of placing a sticker on a theme-oriented cutout marking how many books read loses the appeal as one nears the age of eleven. I, however, am sad because this aging out means two things:

  1. He is getting old. Not cool, kid.
  2. We get less of those “Kids Eat Free” coupons that accompany all reading success during the course of the program. (Super not cool, kid.)
All is not lost because he does get to enjoy the teen reading program, which carries with it the chance to win an iPad mini (Okay…that is kindof cool, kid.)
Our library also has an adult reading program, complete with prizes such as gift cards to local restaurants and attractions. In the past I have won a few of these trinkets. I do believe this was in the early years of the program before many adult library patrons realized they could even enter a contest. These days my competition is a bit more fierce but I am determined to prevail at some point over the next eight weeks.
Reading is a passion for me…especially in the summer. I *heart* a good book list so I thought I would share some of my upcoming summer reads with you.

Glory Over Everything


This is the sequel to the amazing book, The Kitchen House, which I read in a little over 24 hours. It was phenomenal. I cannot wait to tear into the sequel.

Tip: If you are going to read The Kitchen House (and why would you not? Again..amazing.) DO NOT read the premise of Glory Over Everything. It can spoil a bit of the original story.

Here’s to Us


My family likes to joke about my love for the island of Nantucket, especially because I have never actually visited this little ocean paradise (yet…but next summer I am on my way!). I adore Elin Hilderbrand and the stories she crafts about this tiny little island. Her latest beach reads hits shelves mid-June. I cannot wait. I will drop everything and read this book as soon as it comes out.

The Island House


Remember how I just said I love Nantucket? Well, Nancy Thayer also happens to write about this piece of land. This book was just released yesterday and I am anxiously waiting for my library to call and say my copy is available (because I have had it on hold since February).

The Nest


This book is on everyone’s “to read” list for the summer. I figure if it is making all the lists than it needs to make mine.

Truly Madly Guilty


Liane Moriarty is a favorite author of mine. I have loved many of her past works, especially Big Little Lies (which Reese Whiterspoon is turning into a movie.). This comes out at the end of the summer and should be a great read.

The Year We Turned Forty


The title of this hits a bit too close to home but I let it make the list anyway. Amazon reviews for this one are strong and it keeps coming up in my recommendation list.

Okay, Amazon. You win. I will give it a try.

Everyone Brave is Forgiven


Again, this is a book making all the lists. I figure I need something deep to balance out all the beach reads. I hear it is this year’s Nightengale (Is that even possible?)



Who does not love a fun spin on Jane Austen? This is yet another title that is popping up on all the “must read” books of Summer 2016.


What is on your list for the summer? Do you splurge and buy them all or keep your fingers crossed and hope the local library comes through for you in a time of need?






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