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The Mommy Time Warp: Can you help?

It is a productive school day here at casa de Phillips (which was needed after yesterday’s “School on the Move” as we shuttled books and papers back and forth between three appointments in three different cities).

Currently this is what my desk looks like:


Although we may be quite productive this morning, my desk screams “Chaos!” However, I am fine with that at the moment.

Time management for moms can seem more like a time warp than an actual ability to balance responsibilities. There are moments when everything seems to be in a perfect familial rhythm and then seasons where it all feels like the slightest thing will unravel any well-laid plan.

My question for you, reader, is how do you approach time management as a mom (or dad or grandparent or random individual walking this earth attempting to carve out a life like the rest of us)? What is a tip or trick that helps you? For example, a dear friend of mine just finished a horrible week of sickness in her home where all five family members were terribly ill and all five family members were on various medicines and various medicine-taking schedules.

That is the stuff mommy nightmares are made of, right?

That friend managed her time that week by making up a nice little medicine taking chart for the whole family.

Sure, her laundry piled up and school work went undone.

However, she tackled a little bit of time management by making sure her family was on the road to health and well-being by ensuring everyone took their medicine when indicated by the handy little chart.

Share your tips/tricks/thoughts/horror stories here.

(Just for a little transparency, please know that I am working on a piece about time management for moms and love to hear “real world” advice and thoughts.)

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